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  • Orgonite Info

    What is Orgonite?
    Orgonite for Beginners
    History of Orgonite

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  • Orgone Zapper

    The Universal healing tool
    Your first line of defence
    against disease

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  • EMF Protection 

    Orgonite protection for 
    mobile phones, wifi routers,
    5g antennas and smart meters

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  • Orgone Pendants

    Orgonite protection on the go
    Shielding you from EMF
    Strengthening your biofield

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  • Healing Orgonite

    Increase vitality
    Heal you body
    Energise your food

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  • Pyramids HHGs

    Powerful orgonite in cone- or
    pyramid shape for home 
    and outdoors use

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  • CBs And More

    Powerful orgonite cloudbuster,
    orgone howitzer for large 
    scale environmental healing

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  • Tactical Orgonite

    Amunition for the orgone gifter
    Orgonite for environmental healing
    Towerbuster, earth and similar

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  • African Magic

    We call it Muti Orgonite
    Muti means medicine all over
    Southern Africa

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  • Bundle Deals

    Orgonite in bundles
    Harmonic configurations
    You save 15% 

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  • Pulsed Orgonite

    For manifestation,
    Distant healing
    and protection

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  • Shungite

    Shungite, the wonder
    stone from Russia
    works great in orgonite

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  • Moneyfest

    Manifest abundance
    in your life
    Orgonite with real money 

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  • DIY Orgonite

    Make your own 
    Orgonite. It's not

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  • G.A.N.S.

    Plasma orgonite
    Keshe orgonite
    Potentizing reach 

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  • Specials

    Orgonite Specials
    of the day
    Check often!

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  • Expeditions

    Orgone Gifting adventures 
    in Africa and the world
    Best orgonite proof

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  • My Blog

    Current events

    Musings and rants

    Orgonise Africa updates

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  • Videos

    Background Info

    Expedition reports


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