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Por Georg Ritschl  •   1 minutos de lectura


Over the years, starting in 2002, we have undertaken orgonite gifting trips in over 10 African countries, many European countries, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and the USA.

Over 25,000 pieces of Orgonite, among which at least 150 Cloudbusters, were distributed during these trips.

Often we were able to observe the ending of droughts and almost always positive weather changes. We are presenting these reports as our body of evidence for the efficacy or orgonite. As they were written over more than 2 decades, the style and attitude changes.

We left them largely as they were originally written, even when the tone of the early ones now sometimes sounds a bit naive in my own ears. So be it! It's all part of the journey.

Distribution of orgonite gifts in Southern Africa as of 2018

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