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Swamped in Fakery and Distraction

De Georg Ritschl  •   8 minute de lecture

What's going on in the orgonite scene?

For a while I've now been ranting about how we original orgone warriors are more or less deliberately marginalised in an onslaught of confusing claims, new players with no gifting credentials and largely ineffective but pretty looking orgonite.
There is method behind this. Orgonite in its powerful and authentic form is a serious challenge to the occult new world order's etheric "air superiority".
So what would they do? Coopt it of course and make sure it doesn't challenge their etheric dominance. As you may have realised by now, the "New Age movement" is heavily infiltrated by the dark siders, call them satanists or whatever you like.
Their agenda in this is to shift  perceptions away from the subversive and liberating impulse that that Don and Carol Croft gave to the world.
Many people who are in contact with the wider orgonite bubble don't even know of the towering role that these 2 extraordinary people have played in bring all this about.
Yes it's true that Karl Welz used the term "orgonite" first and possible was the first one to utilise the energy converting properties of this resin-metal matrix in his radionics tools. 
But it's entirely to the Crofts' credit to have grasped the potential of this humble mixture in massive large scale environmental healing.
All our contemporary orgonite tools go back to the Crofts. There is no dispute.
The orgonite cloudbuster, the HHG, the towerbuster, the first pendants, the orgone zapper, just to name the basic ones. I think the earth pipe was first pioneered by someone else, but I'm not sure who. It as in that same small group of original orgone warriors who were communicating in various forums and from where the orgonite movement was born.
Orgonite was never meant to be pretty. It can be, but it doesn't have to.         
This pyramid has lot's of stones but barely any metal filings. Call it what you want, but it's not orgonite. 
What were they thinking? It's a lot of tumble stones in resin, but certainly not orgonite, yet they are advertising it as orgonite
Am I blind? I see a lot of stones and barely a sliver of metal. This seems quite a popular "orgonite" vendor -not orgonite in our book.  
Our XL looks rather simple in comparison. It doesn't show of it's crystals of which it has 5 as a proper orgonite pyramid should have. One pointing into the tip and 4 horizontal ones in the bottom, pointing at the corner. The temptation is always there to show off, but the crystals should be embedded in orgonite. 
You will have noticed that even when we make "pretty" orgonite, there will always be a solid block of real orgonite. 
I felt like sharing this important post by Dooney on ethericwarriors.comand her own website, expressing the same sentiment. Dooney is a psychic healer and coach extraordinaire, a god friend of the Crofts and one of the core protagonists of the orgonite movement from the beginning. (or network as don insisted on calling it)
Her website is

Attack on orgonite

It has come to my attention that numerous websites and social media venues have been attacking Don and Carol’s (D&C) orgonite and in some cases Don and Carol personally. One person on Instagram is calling Don a “fake person” and a “corporate shill” and says that his gifting efforts were “a disaster”. This flies in the face of the thousands of people around the world who have gifted D&C orgonite and seen positive changes in weather, drought, energy, agriculture, crime, wildlife abundance and so forth. It’s also patently untrue. Don was a real person who I knew personally and Carol is also a real person who has sacrificed much of her life, money, health and energy to this cause. 

Many people may not be aware that it is Carol who is behind the worldwide orgonite movement. Her perceptions of energy, her orgonite designs and her ability to perceive what the Earth needs and how to go about gifting the right places is what has made the difference. Don developed the early zappers and was gifted at talking about orgonite, researching historical and scientific facts, connecting with people and promoting the gifting effort. He was generous to a fault and also sacrificed having a “normal” life so that this work could be done. But none of it would have happened without Carol. I don’t think people are really aware of this because Carol is a very private person who doesn’t toot her own horn. It needs to be said, though, that she is THE driving force behind orgonite and zappers.

Many of you may be aware of a historical conflict between someone who claims to have invented orgonite, has patented the word, and who aggressively pursues anyone who uses the term. Now, that person, or persons associated with that person, are aggressively bashing orgonite. I believe it’s an attempt to squash anyone selling orgonite and to promote their own very expensive radionics products. Orgonite and radionics are two very different things, from my understanding. I have personally been harmed by radionics, but have never been harmed by orgonite.

Our informal network also has people selling products. The difference is that our sellers are also gifters who give orgonite to the world at their own expense of time and money. Carol and Don have personally spent tens and tens of thousands of dollars making orgonite and giving it to the world.

There are other people claiming that orgonite is harmful, negative, puts out harmful radiation. They have no proof of this. They are also promoting their own products. One claims that a kinesiologist does muscle-testing to prove orgonite is bad. My husband, Steve Smith, is a master kinesiologist, who learned the art from the man who invented it, Dr. George Goodheart. Steve has been using muscle-testing for almost 40 years, and is also energy sensitive and psychic. His faith in the orgonite formula that Don and Carol promote is unshakeable. He and I have personally made and gifted D&C orgonite for the past 15 years and have only seen good results. I know I’m preaching to the choir here on EW but I need to put these words out there so that someone searching for information about orgonite will see them. D&C orgonite has been used worldwide to amazing effect. But we need to differentiate between the formula Don and Carol developed and other “orgonite” makers.

There is an big movement of fake orgonite, which I saw in person at a fair here in Montana, and that Carol has seen at other fairs. People are putting glitter in resin and calling it orgonite, and charging more than Carol charges for her incredible orgonite products. If you see them side by side there’s no question that Carol’s is substantial and has great energy, and the fake stuff is just junk. Anyone who is energy sensitive can tell the difference. The bashers claim that their energy sensitives say orgonite “hurts”. We can’t dispute what someone else apparently feels, and we don’t know if they experienced Carol and Don’s orgonite or some substance made by someone using a different formula or someone with a negative agenda (can you say agent?). But what we can do is tell the world how D&C orgonite makes us feel, and what it does to the environment around us. To me, orgonite made the way Carol and Don developed is more than an energy. It’s a consciousness. It’s a positive force in the world. It is good. It has made the difference between the death energy that was being promoted and the life energy that is now unstoppable. If you can’t feel this, you aren’t in the presence of real D&C orgonite.

If you believe this movement and what their orgonite has done for the world, please help us confront this attack. This goes beyond anyone’s business problems, although disputing these attacks will help anyone who is trying to make a living selling D&C orgonite. It goes to the very heart of the etheric conflict we are in; a conflict for the heart and soul of this planet and beyond. We need to do more than just talk about it on this website. We need to remind the world about what D&C orgonite has done. Does anyone remember how bad the hurricanes used to be? Don and Carol stopped the hurricane agenda with D&C orgonite gifted all down the Florida coast and in the Bahamas. The dead coral reef they gifted in Florida came back to life, which was reported on the news. Other gifters have changed weather patterns and energy patterns in their areas. We need these stories to be told again, and again. 

Don’s forums have been hacked so many times that a lot of this historical data has been lost. We need you to speak out about where you have gifted and the positive effects it’s had. The liars out there are making claims with no basis in fact. We have 20 years of anecdotal proof of the positive effects of D&C orgonite. Get on Instagram and talk about Don, Carol and their orgonite. Carol’s username is croft6727. EW’s is ethericwarriors. Mine is donebydooney. Carol is starting a YouTube channel and we’ll be posting videos. My YouTube channel is Doonita. But we need those of you around the world who have done all this hard work to speak out and support this effort. You know that Don was real, Carol is real, and Carol and Don’s 20 years of hard work is real. Your hard work and sacrifice is real! It is time for you to be heard.

~ Dooney

Let's keep it real and make real, authentic orgonite. It doesn't need fancy coils to "bust" a cellphone tower and gemstones should be carefully selected and not randomly thrown in. The fakers are trying to create the impression as if they were operating on a higher level of sophistication and as if their pretentious frills were in some way essential in order to create highly effective orgonite. They are totally missing the point.   

The core of the orgonite movement is the activity of gifting. we should never forget that. That means to go beyond your garden fence and start changing your environment by placing orgonite near cell phone towers and other emitters of negative ether waves. That's where the fun starts getting intense.   

see you at Orgonise Africa

Georg, Friederike + the Orgonise Africa Team
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