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Orgonite & Orgone Zapper Shop

We're proud to offer you the widest selection of Orgonite tools and Orgone Zappers available on the market! All of our products are handmade by our team in Johannesburg, South Africa with great attention to detail and our high quality standards in mind.

Feel free to browse our wide range of products by collection, purpose, ingredients or let yourself be inspired by our customers' favourite items.

Orgone Zappers

We offer a range of Orgone Zappers and related products that can be integrated easily into your daily health routine.

EMF Protection

Here you will find an entire range of products dedicated to EMF protection in all parts of your life, whether for your cellphone or in and around your home.

Tactical Orgonite

Using Orgonite to revitalise larger areas through Gifting requires specific tools. We've got you covered.

Shop by Purpose

If you're looking to use Orgonite for a specific purpose, such as gifting or personal healing, here are some recommendations:

Shop by Ingredients

We've created several collections of Orgonite based on specific energetic ingredients, such as African herbal medicine or "muti" as it's called here, or minerals like Lapis Lazuli or Shungite. These create powerful Orgonite tools that can be used universally or in specific focus with the minerals' and components' energetic properties.

Here are our favourites: