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How to defeat the NWO

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Please read this (now almost classical) article for more on this. 

Orgonite works on so many levels and it works against this negative agenda.
By strengthening the life force in any given environment, we deactivate their agenda. 
That goes on a physical level for all their weather control and slow poisoning projects (HAARP, Chemtrails etc.) and on the mental or consciousness level it goes for the lifting the veil of deception and fear that is enveloping human minds tlike a fine aerosol, not to be escaped easily.

The answer to this is 


as you probably know, we have done quite a bit of that  in Southern Africa and even in other locations where we happened to travel like recently in the Baltic sea, connecting Finnland, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Sweden etc..

orgonite gifting up to mid 2015
State of our orgonite gifting approx. mid 2015

The results are amazing!

But now: what type of coverage is it that we need in order to liberate a territory for good?

Answer: everything helps, but "saturation bombing" (a term coined by nasty NWO mastermind Henry Kissinger for his mass murder of millions of innocent Cambodians in the 1970s) is what's really called for.

You must by now have noticed my love for geopolitics and history, so forgive me for re-using these militant terms. They trigger something that I feel is needed in order to awaken a feeling for the full dramatic scope of the raging battle we are engaged in.

I once worked out a plan for Africa on the following basis:

Place a cloudbuster in a grid of every 50 km, put Towerbusters every 5 km in a grid. That is only to get to an approximation of the required density and will of course not be applied in a schematic fashion.
Firstly ALL cellphone towers, Radar and other microwave transmitters have to be covered with at least one TB, when they look quite massive or are arrays of several towers more is advisable (including earth pipes for the earthbound component of the DOR produced at such sites)
Large water bodies need to be gifted lavishly. Advisable is to lay a string of TBs at distances of about 1 km for rivers.

All this could be done for Africa for about 10-20 mil. USD including transport and distribution. That is less than a day of ammo in any of the senseless wars created by the same NWO guys...


How can you start?

Well that's easy! You start where you are and slowly branch out, covering wider and wider circles around the place where you live.

If you do not want t make your own orgonite, we've made life easier for you, by creating some large gifting packages at discounted prices. 

This is for those who want to make a difference.
If you're still new to the whole orgonite story, you may want to start with smaller packages like the essential orgonite kit in order to see if you feel the difference.

Let's do it! Truth is coming to the fore everywhere, now let's change the energy from fear to abundance and love.



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