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Orgonise Africa in Barcelona

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Spotted by another Orgonite Warrior in Barcelona

As "Les Festes de la Mercè" was in full swing in Barcelona, our Office manager Ryno was exploring the city and enjoying for the first time a European and “first world” city.

Like at any other festival there were stalls and little stands all over the city, Ryno was admiring all of this when he was suddenly approached by an overly excited man who spotted his Orgonite Maxi Shield on the back of his phone.

He kept on repeating “Orgonita” “Orgonita” “Orgonita”, and grabbed Ryno by the hand.

The guy finally led Ryno to his stand, displaying a variety of orgonite creations, crystals and other esoteric products. They finally settled on English for easier communication, whereby it turned out that the new orgone friend was a Russian living in Barcelona.

He was really keen to sell Ryno some orgonite and when he found that Ryno was not too excited to buy, he pulled out a Box from underneath the table to show Ryno the more premium range.

This is now where the fun really started, because these were all our products.

At this stage the vendor did not yet know who he was talking to and he explained with great excitement how these orgonites were a bit more expensive but so much more powerful because of their combinations of gemstones. (we felt very honoured to hear of the high estemm our products were enjoying there)

The surprise was of course complete when Ryno revealed that he was working for Orgonise Africa.

From our own trips I can say that it's always a feeling of instantly being at home with friends when you meet another orgonite maker and -gifter.

Our Russian-Spanish friend told Ryno the story of how he was gifted a Orgonite Pyramid years ago and that it caused him to start making and selling his own Orgonite and gifting Orgonite.

He has come up with an incredible way of doing the gifting, totally adequate for Barcelona's dense urban environment.

At certain parks you can't just leave the Orgonite in the shrubs or in the trees as the municipal gardeners take good care of these parks and when the find the lovely but odd-looking Orgonite items they tend to toss them into the bin.

Our new friend actually uses double-sided tape and finds secure spots at these parks and monuments ( monuments normally erected celebrating some war or political win that left allot of harm and bad energy) to “stick” the Orgonite, and if he find a quite spot he digs a hole and “plants” the Orgonite.

This was such a great and heartwarming experience, not just for Ryno but for Orgonise Africa.

We tend to forget that Orgonite does not only have a effect on the environment, protecting us from all the harmful EMF radiation and chem-trails, but also works directly on our bodies and souls.

So, Ryno felt stongly that by converting stagnant energies to life giving positive orgone, "it helps us to do more great earth healing things and motivates us to do more for our fellow man, in this world where most people are scared to show that they believe in the “other” energies in the world and that they will be mocked for it, we as Orgonite gifting warriors must continue to help and gift our lovely planet not just for us and the planet, but for those special beings that are not yet ready to step into our world and for those who are against our world views, gifting Orgonite helps the transition even with them not knowing it."

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