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When the cookie crumbles

De Georg Ritschl  •   15 minute de lecture

Supervillain or philantropist and visionary entrepreneur?

The revelation of the beast

I have often thought about what the end of the "New World Order" cabal would look like. 

In order to be overcome, "The Beast" must first be recognized in all its ugliness. This is happening in an ingenious (let's just say divine) way and on all levels. 
This means that for those who have not yet looked so much behind the scenes, this is a difficult time, because everything they thought they knew is being shaken. 
And even for those of us who have long been in the camp of "pattern recognizers" (i.e. what used to be called "conspiracy theorists"), it is a time of constantly new revelations and a constantly deepening understanding of spiritual connections and meanings.

So on the one hand we are filled with unbridled optimism, but at the same time we are also tired and exhausted from the daily pursuit of incredible events. 

This feeling of "groundless optimism" is also confirmed to me by many people here in South Africa. I say "groundless" because on the outside, everything continues to go down the drain.

Here in South Africa our infrastructure is slowly collapsing. We've had no electricity for ten days now because a nearby substation burned down.
Fortunately, we have a powerful solar system, but the whole neighborhood was dark. In the meantime, cable thieves have been tampering with the cables, so that even after the substation has been restored, the power will not be back on for a long time yet. Things like this are becoming more frequent and are becoming the new normal.
For years we have had regular power cuts for 2 1/2 hours, several times a day.
It is now clear that the Klaus Schwab gang has been deliberately sabotaging our once leading power grid for years.
In the 1960s and 1970s, South Africa had built up a grid based on coal, hydropower and nuclear power that was one of the cheapest and most reliable in the world. Today there is no sign of this. 
It's pretty crazy and absolutely apocalyptic when you think about it, but we're not panicking about it.    

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the madmen at the WWF are concerned with destroying the global economic basis, and thus also the food base for the world's population and, as a result, a sudden and very rapid depopulation. 
The goal is precisely that number of 500 million people who are to remain, and most of whom are to lead a controlled and monitored life more or less as slaves of the so-called "elites".


This is being driven forward in many ways:

  • Invented and actual pandemics as a pretext to force people to accept the bioweapon shot. This leads to an extreme increase in the mortality rate, which is then again attributed to alleged "pandemics".
    Destruction of agriculture and replacement of natural food with chemical products, insect protein and lab-grown meat, genetically modified plants and disease-causing pesticides. The farmer is stylized as the devil, "cows fart and produce methane and CO2" and so on. At the same time, the usual suspects are buying up agricultural land everywhere to set it aside or repurpose it for their perverse Frankenfood projects. 
  • Destruction of the modern industrial society that made high prosperity for all possible. This includes the entire remote-controlled "Last Generation" movement, but also the entire fear and scarcity narrative of man-made climate change. Here, since the 1970s, the legitimate concern about visible environmental degradation and the desire to live in a healthy, life-supporting environment has been misused to support a thoroughly anti-life and, above all, anti-human agenda.      
  • Of course, this also includes the abolition of individual mobility, which gave people unprecedented freedom of movement in the 20th century. Only slaves or serfs are bound to the clod. (read Smart City) It is now clear that we should no longer travel or decide spontaneously where we want to go. 
    Destruction of the family, which is the only thing that enables a healthy upbringing in a self-confident unit that is not controlled by the seed. They want control over the children.
  • Discouraging potential parents with slogans such as "Children produce CO2" or "The world is coming to an end anyway, you can't put any more children in it".
  • This goes in the same direction as the vigorously pursued abolition of sovereign nation states. Because only in a sovereign nation state can truly living democracy unfold as the will of the people.    
  • The motto spread by the proponents of the man-hating narrative that mankind is a kind of cancer that has infected the planet fits in with this. Unfortunately, this is thoughtlessly parroted by many people, even those who are actually benign, and thus has a cruel effect. Let the propagators of this way of thinking set a good example and abolish themselves first! 
  • The deliberate destruction of the family naturally also includes the downright bizarre glorification of "non-traditional sexual orientations", which until recently led a tolerated existence in small social niches. Suddenly, what was recently a "must" has now become a "must".    
  • Not to forget abortion until after the 9th month. In plain language, this means that little people who have already been born are routinely killed. One can argue about abortion as such for a long time, but in my youth it was always just a matter of terminating the pregnancy in the first 3 months, where it was assumed that no consciousness had yet formed.  From a spiritual point of view, one can also argue about this at length, as well as about the alleged brain death.  In the meantime, however, everything seems to be permitted. It used to be called infanticide. The babies that are killed are industrially utilized (cannibalized) and can be found in food and cosmetic products. It really is that disgusting.
  • The appalling swamp of child abuse, including ritual murder, is becoming ever clearer. Networks of organized child and human trafficking are becoming visible, which have infiltrated all areas of public life. Police, social welfare, church children's homes and orphanages, secret services: everyone is involved.  At the same time, attempts are being made to normalize paedophilia as just another flower in the rainbow bouquet of non-traditional sexual preferences. The child molester becomes a "Minor Attracted Person". (person with an affinity for minors)   
  • Murder of the elderly: This is reality! Programs to murder geriatric patients in need of care have been running in Western countries for a long time. The best known is the "Manchester Protocol". According to this program, patients are literally killed by dying of thirst by being given no or too little water. At the same time, they are constantly given strong anaesthetics so that they doze off in a fog. An undignified death! The relatives are then told that grandma or grandpa passed away gently. Again and again we hear of so-called angels of death, carers or nurses who are accused of having "injected" hundreds of patients. These are then portrayed as monstrous exceptions and sacrificed. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Another form of murder of the elderly is regulated euthanasia: in Canada, for example, written consent for "assisted suicide" is no longer required. The doctors can decide. Euthanasia is now the most common cause of death there (!). 

As more and more people begin to understand some or all aspects of this frontal assault on humanity, the elites have resorted to almost hysterical censorship measures. With the exception of a few platforms, which are, however, under extreme pressure to do so, the freedom of opinion and speech enshrined in the constitutions of all modern states is being curbed, deleted and censored in every conceivable way. Nevertheless, the traditional mainstream media are losing readers and viewers.

How would you even spot a real supervillain? It's not like they'll dress up in a costume and have a German accen like the movies, is it?

Russia's role in the great game

Countries such as Russia, Hungary and others who do not want to go down this road to madness have long been exposed to an increasingly intense hybrid war, which most recently turned into open warfare over the Ukraine issue. 

The Russians have simply been tormented and bullied on the world stage until they were left with no choice but to either give up their independent development or fight. I won't say any more about that here, because in Germany you can now go to prison for that. ("Justification of a war of aggression" is the term used when you openly address the causes and origins of this conflict)

Amazingly, however, they are now winning all along the line, militarily, economically and diplomatically. The whole world is looking hopefully to Russia, at least outside the "golden billion", as the Russians call the still privileged inhabitants of North America, Oceania and the decrepit Eurozone.  

Since Putin first came to power, Russia has been on a steady upswing, which has been accompanied by a spiritual renaissance of the traditional Orthodox faith, but without in any way discriminating against the many citizens of Russia who adhere to other religions. (the Minister of Defence is a Buddhist, for example, and Muslims play an important role in the country) Russia is, after all, a multi-ethnic state with a common umbrella civilization. There are state radio stations in over 150 languages. 

Of course, it is not a perfect country and has its problems and contradictions, but the trend is clear:

Where decline and decay prevail in the West, Russia is building up. Life expectancy is rising, as is prosperity. Investments are being made in infrastructure and housing construction. Young families are strongly supported. The level of education is high and continues to rise. Young Russians are winning math olympiads while young inhabitants of the "chosen countries of the West" can barely add 2+2. (There was a survey where 70% of the American students questioned failed the 4 x 15 task without a calculator)

Russia is developing into an agricultural superpower with healthy, natural food. Planting or distributing genetically modified plants or food has been a criminal offense in Russia for several years!

In contrast to the Soviet Union, Russia is not an ideological project. It seems to have found a lively mixture of free enterprise and state development guidelines. With a flat 13% income tax, it is virtually a tax paradise. Small business owners can opt for a 4% flat sales tax that is deducted directly from every transaction and no longer need to file a tax return. There are no queues at the tax offices.

Even the oligarchs, a class of mega-billionaires whose fabulous fortunes date back to the chaos under Yeltsin, when resourceful insiders (often KGB people) were able to seize the national wealth of Soviet industry during the great privatization with the help of Western donors because no one else had any money, have largely been brought under control.

Since they had all committed many criminal acts in the course of their rise to power, Puitin simply grabbed them by the balls and said: from now on you work constructively for Russia or go to jail. Chodorkovsky, who is oh-so-popular in the West, is an outstanding example of this necessary discipline.   

We traveled to Russia for a month in 2016 and were very surprised by the open and positive atmosphere, the high quality of the food, the cleanliness, the cultural richness and the friendliness of the Russians we met. 

We distributed over 400 orgonites there and at no time did we feel that we were being watched or hindered in any way.

Of course, we also had the usual prejudices and fears. I grew up in West Berlin, where the memory of the Berlin Wall and the Blockade was still  quite strong and the picture of Russia and the Soviet union was rather dark.

But we didn't find them confirmed at all. Everything felt so fresh and positive. It was almost unnecessary to distribute orgonite there. 

Here I am hiding an orgonite piece in a hedge in the Kremlin garden, about 150 meters from the official residence of the oh-so-evil Kremlin ruler. No sinister KGB types to be seen far and wide. We had made extra tower busters for the trip with the inscription "To Russia With Love".
A little pun: our image of Russia has been shaped in no small part by the James Bond movies.

I know that my Russophilia does not meet with approval everywhere, but I have to ask the question:
If the Russians are so wrong in their point of view, why has the "Value based West" been suppressing Russian media for years and actively preventing Russian journalists from working in NATO and G7 countries in violation of all international agreements?
Why are Alina Lipp's accounts in Germany being seized just because she reports positively and pro-Russian from the Donbass? (And about the Ukrainian massacres of the Russian-speaking civilian population there, which have been ongoing since 2015)

Isn't it the case that those who are on the "right side of history" only have to let the truth speak for itself?

In any case, everyone in Russia knows what is being thought and written in the West and it is also hotly debated and often commented on in a humorous way.
In Russia you can receive all the international channels (all the garbage from CNN to MSNBC) on your cable TV and access is not difficult.
In contrast, the formerly free West has found it necessary to remove RT and other Russian channels from the satellite and cable networks and even make it impossible for their journalists to work. 

But even high-profile cultural figures such as the imaginative conductor Gergiev, who was fired from the Munich Philharmonic because he didn't feel like professing to be an anti-Putinist, or the wonderful opera singer Anna Netrebko, were removed.

That didn't even happen during the Cold War. Under no circumstances should there be any positive or admirable Russians in the West.

What drives these crazies? 

Of course, it's not about canonizing any country or any people. Rather, we want to try to understand the core of the great conflict. What principles are struggling for supremacy on our planet?

A world without God

It can be characterized as the satanic principle versus the divine principle. I understand "Satanism" with Armin Risi as the rebellion against God. In a world without God, nothing is sacred. Man is understood as a biological machine. There is no such thing as a soul. Consciousness is understood as a purely electro-chemical-mechanical function of the human brain, the contents of a biological hard disk, so to speak. 

Hence the strange dichotomy between extreme fear of death (because then everything stops) and simultaneous contempt for life as far as others are concerned.

This is why these people are striving so hard to create a self-perpetuating artificial intelligence. (Transhumanism)

The desire to preserve one's own consciousness beyond physical death is the logical consequence of this way of thinking. Even if it is possible to store certain memory contents, the result has about as much to do with consciousness as an inflatable sex doll has to do with love.

Yuval Noah Harari, a close advisor to Klaus Schwab and the WWF, who is euphorically celebrated in certain circles as a philosophical rock star, put it this way:

"Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have a 'soul' or a 'spirit' and nobody knows what's going on inside them and they have free will - that's over."

Sorry Yuval, do you really believe that about yourself?

So while the beast (of the apocalypse) is still stomping the grounds in the three-dimensional world, the tide seems to have already turned on the etheric plane.  

That's why we see this "groundless" optimism in so many people. Many clairvoyantly gifted people, such as Peter Denk or Egon Fischer in German-speaking countries or Clif High in America, to name but a few, speak of this etheric turning point.

Signs that the matrix is crumbling are increasing almost by the hour:

  • The bioweapon attack with the fake pandemic has failed. Of course there were victims, but most of them were among the followers who enthusiastically allowed themselves to be vaccinated. The totalitarian nature of the state and the depth of the infiltration of our scientific institutions were clearly demonstrated to many people during this bizarre theatre show.  
  • People are increasingly taking responsibility for their own health and turning away from the apparent safety of the pharmaceutical-medical complex. The revelations of authors such as Sukharit Bakhdi and Robert Kennedy Junior about the workings of the vaccine mafia have accelerated this process. The orgonite movement is part of this revolution of self-responsibility.
  • The global South is opting out: the rise of the BRICS organization, which ultimately aims to overcome US dollar hegemony, speaks a clear language. New structures are being created without confrontation, which simply bypass the existing structures of the Western financial world. African countries such as Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso are simply giving their imaginary colonial masters the middle finger and nothing happens. The once feared hegemon is proving to be a toothless tiger. 
  • The population in the West is dropping out: So-called "right-wing populist movements" are gaining more and more support. In general, they represent common sense, but the permanent political class likes to call them "Nazis". This is despite the fact that the totalitarianism of "woke"-ism in its combination of state power and super-capital best fits the definition of fascism, only with colorful hair and not brown or black uniforms. However, the deterrent power of this "Nazi club" seems to be steadily diminishing. It is typical of the attitude of this power group that they constantly talk about "democracy", but cannot stand it when the valued electorate decides against their pet projects. This "chattering class" shares a deep contempt for working people, as embarrassingly expressed in Hilary Clinton's faux pas of the "deplorables".      
  • Far from being finished, Donald Trump is leading on the deep state in America by allowing them to do what they do best: Destroying themselves!  He forces them to show off their moral and legal double standards. Like a matador, he teases the mighty but stupid bull until he can finally deliver the final blow. His support is probably 70-80%. If they don't manage to put him in jail in one of their countless far-fetched bullshit trials, the only thing left for them to do is an attempt on his life. Too bad for them if that goes wrong!
  • Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter (now X) has chopped a leg up from under the Deep State opened a huge window for free speech. After the restoration of Alex Jones' ( account, the mainstream is now spinning free.
  • Tucker Carlson, for many years a bright and thoughtful but rather inoffensive conservative commentator on Fox News, is completely unleashed after having been fired from Fox. With his recently published interview with the very same Alex Jones - the arch-conspiracy theorist - on X, he outdoes himself. Amazing depths are touched upon in this interview that I didn't think Alex Jones was capable of.
  • Don't forget Joe Rogan! These people attract an audience of millions and exceed the ratings of mainstream shows many times over.
  • But beyond that, there are now thousands of "influencers", digital warriors and truly investigative journalists who uncover aspects of the truth and thus contribute to enriching our world view. No one has the whole truth, and of course I don't either. But the great thing is: the censorship barrier is simply overrun by the multitude of individuals who uncover truth everywhere and without any overriding coordination. This is probably the biggest surprise for the deep state, which - in its limited imagination - sees "Russian agents" or "white suporemacists" at work everywhere, because it simply cannot imagine free, creative people.    

None of these people or movements are perfect or "uncontaminated". That's not even possible.
I observe a certain moral fundamentalism among many of our "pattern recognitionist" friends that is ultimately destructive.
You'll find photos of Putin with Klaus Schwab, or it's said that Trump is a Jesuit, Musk is a Satanist and so on. 
The result is discouragement and thus destruction of the energies that gather around these people.  I prefer to stick with the Bible, where it says, "By their deeds you shall know them". No human being is perfect, you can find some kind of dirt on everyone. But we have free will and are not forever bound by our origins or even by temporary association with dark forces.  

Even JFK, who so challenged the deep state that he had to be assassinated in broad daylight, came from a mafia family with deep ties to the cabal!

Of course, it's not about blind hero worship or following. But where positive things happen, you should also be able to recognize this and participate constructively and make your own contribution. 
Our contribution, made with joy and enthusiasm and without hope of reward, consists of our orgonite expeditions.
We believe that in doing so we have also influenced the world a little further in the direction of light and life.

I will compile a reading and video list on the topics mentioned.  Not as a source to prove that I am right (this is not a scientific text) but as a suggestion to find out more for yourself.

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