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2 attacks on the same day – coincidence?

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Coincidence 1:

On December 25th Tina van der Maas, the lady who has had so much success with her simple lemon, garlic and olive oil detox programme that she became "enemy of the state No. 1" has been attacked by hired thugs in her house the second time within a month.

Coincidence 2:

On the same day my wife, Friederike was attacked by car hijackers with guns and her car taken. Lovely Christmas, that! Obviously the evil forces are hellbent on intimidating anyone who brings some truth out. I just want to state it here for the record: We do not believe for one minute these are coincidences.

Coincidence 3:

On Saturday 26 at night an extremely violent lightning is shaking the house for 20 minutes or more. The lightning strikes a large tree at our neighbours garden and splits it in half. extensive damage is done to their elecrical appliances because of the eletrical surge.

We were watching a movie and our screen went black. We also thought our TV had gone but it came back on. Our Telephone line is out since that strike.

Interestingly we had noticed previously that violent lightnings had not happened any more where we live since our massive distribution of Orgonite in Johannesburg. This pacificationhad lasted for years. Extremely violent lightnings had been typical for Johannesburg before Orgonite.

Again for the record: We believe this was a directed attack.

It is not important whether you, our casual reader, believe this or not. I state this for the originators of these attacks so that they know that we know and all those who follow our adventures closely also know.

Full publication of all foul play by the outgoing "New World Odor" perpetrators is our best protection. Of course, if they chose to kill us all, it might be relatively easy for them, but with the publicity we are giving them it will at least be obvious. It would be the strongest confirmation for what we're doing and that's why it hasn't happened so far. As long as the perpetrators are still interstd in upholding the illusion of "democracy" and "freedom" they will at least try to make it look like an accident oran ordinary criminal act and they can't "do" all of us at the same time.

Not easy for them and we definitely don't wish them luck in their endeavour..

we are watching you, morons!

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