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Zapper FAQs

Q: What is the difference between an orgone zapper and a "normal" Hulda Clark Zapper?

A: A normal Hulda Clark zapper is an entirely electrical device. depending on the philosphy of the manufacturer, it mostly has 2 hand held electrodes and operates at a higher frequency than ours. It has no orgone components. According to our own experience with our simple zappers (the ones without the orgonite and other healing elements) a normal Hulda Clark Zapper works well in eliminating parasites. This has been well established by Dr. Hulda R. Clark's own research of course. The orgone zapper adds to this the healing power of orgone. One could say in a simplified manner: The zapper cures - The orgone energy heals. Sensitives have described the aura enhancing effect of the zapper reaching it's full strength after half an hour of zapping.

Q: What are the disguishingh features of your different zappers?

A: We offer the following zappers:

  • Clark Zapper essential. This zapper has no orgone energy healing component. It functions entirely on an electrical basis.It has an input socket so it can be run from a wall transformer.
  • Orgone Zapper Standard. This zapper has all the orgone healing components and tried and trusted copper electrodes for the sking contact. It runs from battery only because we do not want the energy influence from the grid in this subtlke energy healing device.
  • Orgone Zapper El Silverado. Like Orgone Zapper Standard but with .999 fine silver electrodes.

Q: Can I wear the zapper as long as I like?

A: Yes, we have not found any reason why not. Only your own comfort should dictate the length of your zapping session. We know that Hulda Clark recommends three sessions of 7 minutes each. We have never followed that recommendation and reached stunning results. Of course continued zapping on the same spot of your skin can become uncomfortable or in rare cases even leave burnmarks or skin irritations. (when you sweat or are over acidic)In these cases, please move the zapper to another spot frequently.

Q: Why are you using 15Hz and not a higher or variable frequency?

A: Firstly I need to point out that the role of frequencies in zapping is grossly exaggerated. This is probably due to the fact that people commonly confuse it with the frequency resonance therapies originally pioneered by Royal Rife. Royal Rife had found that each pathogenic organism had it's own resonance frequency at which it could be destroyed by a pulsed light source or electromagnetic vibration modulated at this specific rate of vibration. While Royal Rife's research is genuine, it seems that only he and his immediate associates had really groundbreaking successes with his method as it requires a lot of skill and knowledge in its application. Dr. Hulda Clark has contributed to this confusion again and again because she originally came from a Royal Rife background and yet she says clearly on page 15 of her ground breaking book "The cure for all diseases":

Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5-10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500,000Hz).

Of course we are not dismissing the more subtle influences, frequencies may may have on us on a level of mental and biophysical stimulation. Some people have suggested to us we should use 7.84 Hz the frequency at which the Schumann frequency of earth resonance was first measured. Fact is that the earth resonance is accelerating and is presently at about 12 Hz. we expect it to reach 15 Hz in the next few years. (Possibly by the ominous year 2012?) So we are in fact endeavouring to get the user of our zappers tuned into that frequency already.

Q: What is meant by "positive offset square wave"?

A: This is an electro-technical term. A positive offset wave is basically a series of pulses whereby the polarity is not changed. Imagine an electronic switch that connects the electrodes of the zapper to a simple battery 15 times per second. In fact we are talking about a "positive offsett square wave with 50% duty cycle" and that means that the pulse is ideally flat, meaning of equal strength and the time of "on" is equally as long as the time it stays "off". Essentially you can zap yourself successfully by holding on to the "+" pole of a car battery and tapping your finger on the other pole very fast. I know of people who have successfully zapped themselves after venomous and potentially deadly snake bite in the African bush, using a starter cable connected to the car battery of their vehicle.

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