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Orgonite related Terms frequently used on this website

The worldwide orgonite gifting network has definitely created it's own language over the last 17 or 18 years. Some of the most frequently used orgonite related expressions are explained here:


A mixture of metal filings and resin. Orgonite is mostly combined with quartz crystals. The term "Orgonite" was first used by Karl Welz who claims to have invented the mix. Orgonite is known to have an energy converting effect, converting stagnant energy (DOR) into lively moving energy (POR)

Orgone Energy:

A term first coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Orgone Energy is understood to be the universal life force, underlying all matter and all measurable energies. In other traditions, orgone energy is also known as Chi, Qui, Prana, Ether, Elan Vital, Cosmic Energy, Zero Point Energy, Quantum Fluctuation, Torsion Field and many other names.

Orgone Accumulator:

A device invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to concentrate cosmic orgone energy. It consists of a box (mostly man sized for people to sit in) with alternating layers of organic and metallic material.

DOR (Deadly Orgone eneRgy):

Stagnating orgone field, detrimental to life.

POR (Positive Orgone eneRgy):

Free flowing life enhancing Orgone Energy


The Greeks called Ether the 5th element. A concept similar to orgone energy. The Greeks and generally westrn schience until the early 2oth century saw the ether as a fluidum or a “pre-material” subtle form of matter/energy out of which the material world is formed. More recently Nobel prizes in physics have been won with modernised ether concepts again.

Gifting, also known as Orgone Gifting or Orgonite Gifting:

The systematic activity of healing your environment by placing orgonite in strategic places such as near cellphone towers and other sources of bad energy. See Don Croft's original gifting compendium here.

Orgone Generator:

A device that transforms DOR into POR. Orgonite has this quality, while Orgone Accumulators are thought to concentrate the ambient orgone energy, whether positive or negative.

HHG (Holy Handgrenade):

A conical Orgone Generator made out of Orgonite. The name was jokingly borrowed from Monthy Phyton's "The Meaning of Life" by it's inventor, Don Croft. The classical design has 5 pointed crystals. 4 at the bottom in cross shaped arrangement, one pointing upwards in the tip. Another tested design has one pointed crystal in the tip and a spiral of thick copper wire moving from the bottom up in clockwise fashion.

Orgonite Pyramid:

A special for of the HHG in pyramid shape which gives the added benefit of energetic effects attributed to that particular shape.

Orgonite Towerbuster:

Disc shaped smaller piece of Orgonite, used for neutralising Negative Energies emitted by Cellphone Towers but also to heal all other places of bad DOR. The universal "weapon" of the orgone warrior!

Orgonite pendant:

Wearable pendants or amulets made of orgonite are protecting the wearer from harmful EMF and negative etheric influences


Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electro Hypersensitivity:

A health condition whereby the affected person suffers extreme symptoms in the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

Orgonite Minishield:

Small orgonite device particularly designed to be attached to a cell phone in order to mitigate the harmful radiation emitted by the mobile antenna.

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