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The Quest of Orgonise Africa

Since  our humble beginnings in 2002, orgonite gifting expeditions have been an important part of our lives. Spreading the positive energy wide and far, stopping draughts and meeting interesting people along the way!  

Please follow our gifting journey through Africa and other parts of the world. This little video was made in 2010

Explore the world of Orgonite through our info resources:

  • Orgonite Info

    What is Orgone Energy, how did the Orgonite movement start, and what are the various applications of Orgonite? Start here!

  • Zapper Info

    What is "zapping", why should you do it regularly, and what does Orgonite have to do with this?

  • Expeditions

    Over the years, we have embarked on countless Orgonite gifting expeditions and recorded our experiences.