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Orgonite FAQ

Q: What is orgonite?

A:Orgonite is a material that can be used to protect from the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation and generally enliven and revitalise your environment.

Q: What is orgone?

A: orgone is the universal life energy, also known as prana, chi, ether, zero point energy, elan vital, animal magnetism and so many other names that were used to describe this phenomenon.

Q: What is the difference between Orgonite and orgone?

A: Quite simply, orgone is the name of the energy whereas orgonite is a material compound that restores and enhances the free flow of the universal orgone life energy.

Q: What is Orgonite made of?

A: Orgonite is a compound material made of resin (mostly polyester, but also epoxy) and metal filings. Typically quartz crystals and other minerals will be added to this compound in order to enhance the energy flow and increase the healing properties of the orgonite. However the original orgonite as invented by Karl Weltz did not contain any crystals and was never the less quite effective. We should never forget that in the face of people promoting that orgonite could not be effective if not overloaded with gemstones of all kinds.

Q: How does orgone energy work?

A: On a fundamental level, orgone is all there is. If we equate orgone with the old concept of the ether, all matter is basically formed as vortex-like perturbations of that ether. According to Dr. Wilhelm Reich orgone exists in a state of flux (that is what Wilhelm Reich called Positive ORgone or POR) or stagnation (which Wilhelm Reich called Deadly Orgone or DOR because of it's toxic life negating quality). It is believed that DOR is a major cause of cancer and other ailments. The hard electromagnetic radiation from cellpgone towers, radar installations and even nuclear power plants has one thing in common: It hammers the ether into that state of stagnation or DOR. This in our mind is the true reason for the various hazards caused by EMF. It is the etheric effect and this is where the orgonite brings massive relief. Wilhelm reich attempted to elaborate on his functional understanding of how the world and create a new physics which he called “orgonomics”.

Q: Can orgonite be harmful?

A: No. Unless you trow it at someone, it cannot be harmful. If someone feels uncomfortable in the presence of orgonite, it is because orgonite can provoke quite drastic detox rections. In the presence of strong positive orgone energy, the body immediately starts getting ri of toxins. I have seen people starting to have running noses, sneezing and all kind of other symtoms immediately after being exposed to orgonite. People of a parasitic and negative mindset regularly feel very uncomfortable in the presence of orgonite. This is psychic detox. There is much to be said about orgonite and consciousness and that's a separate article.

Q: What is the difference between orgonite and classical Wilhelm Reich orgone technology?

A: Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulator and cloudbuster were both powerful tools to collect and concentrate ambient orgone energy. Orgone energy as we understand it is always present either in it's positive, life enhancing state as POR or Positive Orgone eneRgy or in its stagnant negative Form DOR or Deadly Orgone eneRgy.
Wilhelm Reich's pioneering tools have to be handled by experienced Orgone researchers as they can also concentrate the negative form of Orgone if it is prevalent at the location where the experiement is conducted.
Orgonite however will always convert negative stagnant orgone into alive and positive POR. It is therefore "foolproof" in application and can be made and used by every person on this planet to improve the ambient energy field. The worldwide network of orgone activists is the best proof that orgonite provides a truly self empowering option to all those who care about our planet.

Q: What is the range of orgonite?

A: It is very difficult to name an exact range of influence because theoretically - as in quantum physics - it is unlimited. The range at which a specific orgonite tool still effects visible or notable change depends on many factors. Most importantly the degree of electromagnetic pollution, the size and configuration of the orgonite and many other subtle or not so subtle influences. In 2004 we found that the placing of 2 cloud busters and 2-300 tower busters in the relatively underdeveloped country of Uganda created observable effects over hundreds of kilometres.The following distances have been established as safe bets after years of experience:

Q: What is he range of an Orgonite Towerbuster?

A: 1 or 2 Orgonite Towerbuster such as the simple Dirty Harry can neutralise a normal cellphone tower at about 500 m/yds distance

Q: What is the range of a Holy Handgrenade (HHG)?

A: 1 orgonite HHG or medium orgonite pyramid will still effectively neutralise a cellphone tower from about 2-3 km or 1.5miles

Q: What is the range of an Orgonite Cloud Buster?

A:1 standard orgonite CB will have an observable effect within a radius of 50km or 30 miles at least, but it can be much farther, depending on the intensity of electromagnetic interference in the area.

Q: What about the properties of different metals in orgonite ?

A: In principle orgonite can be made with any metal. Apparently the main criterion for the strength of the energy conversion effect is the number of layers of alternatingly resin and metal.

Q: Is aluminium in orgonite bad?

A: We have found no evidence for any negative effects from aluminium. All the often dramatically positive results documented on this site have been achieved with standard aluminium orgonite. That is: polyester resin, aluminium and quartz crystals with sometimes other gemstones added.

Q: Why are you using aluminium (aluminum) in your orgonite and not other metals like steel?

A: We are aware that from certain corners a negative sentiment against the use of aluminium in orgonite is being spread. Inevitably the people who spread such disinformation are not part of the original core of the orgonite movement inspired by Don Croft, nor do they typically engage in large scale gifting

In our experience aluminium (aluminum) actually works best for strong orgonite , because the shavings obtainable at engineering shops are relatively fine and the finest layering is the result. Also aluminium forms fine crystals at the shearing surfaces when it is shaved off a solid bar or block. These micro crystals seem to contribute to the orgone generating effect.Iron works, but the shavings normally obtained are quite clunky and thick which results in very heavyweigt creations in order to achieve the same quantitative effect as with a relatively lightweight alu-orgonite tool.For personal healing tools other metals may be added for their specific finer resonances, such as gold, copper, brass, silver, titanium etc.As with gemstones and crystals, the finer energetic properties of any material will be enhanced by adding them to orgonite.

Q: How to charge orgone pyramid?

A: Orgonite does not have to be charged. Other than crystals on their own, the orgonite is constantly producing positive energy by converting DOR to POR.

Q: Where should I place the orgonite?

A: Generally orgonite is very foolproof and will pick up negatie energies and convert them no matter where it's placed. So in a way your intuition is you best guide. But there are some general recommendations to sort out your house. (if you live in an apartment, apply accordingly) This can be done wit a few simple towerbusters, no matter whether rough or nice.

Read our general recommendations here.

Q: Does orgonite help against negative energy lines and geopathic stress?

A: Many experienced dowsers have found that orgonite does transform negative energy line or "geopathic stress lines" into conduits of positive life enhancing orgone energy. Read more about this here

Q: Why is orgonite banned?

A: There have been rumours that orgonite was banned on Etsy or other platforms. As far as we can see there is no substance to such allegations. The orgone community is in fact thriving. However there have been attempts by the original inventor Karl Welz and his associates to trademark the term orgonite. This was however done after the term had already entered the public realm as a generic term and has been largely ignored by the orgonite community.

Q: Is orgonite illegal?

A:While orgonite is certainly in some way “subversive” in that it easily disables certain secret (and in themselves highly illegal) technologies of the “secret deep state” and other bad actors. However, as it is composed of entirely harmless substances and it's effects are not recognised by conventional science, it can hardly be considered or declared illegal.

Of course it is important not to make exaggerated claims regarding the effects or orgonite. We present our personal experience as is and invite our friends and customers to become co-experimentors in this journey of discovery.

We have been exporting orgonite to all parts of the world and almost never experienced difficulties.

This is not to say that certain dark side elements of the deep state would not try to sabotage the orgonite movement and especially the efforts of serious gifters.

We have spent time in African prisons twice under very unpleasant conditions when busy gifting in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. These incidents were organised by deep state elements in order to intimidate us and stop us from doing our highly effective work.

Q: What is Orgonium?

A: Orgonium is an alleged alternative to Orgonite promoted by Gerard Bini who originally experimented a lot with orgonite. He claims it is far superior to orgonite and also makes a lot of negative statements about orgonite. While we never dismiss the possibility of improvement or new technologies, his negative statements about orgonite would invalidate the experience of countless orgonite experimenters world wide. Sure, science cannot be decided by majority vote, but so far, I see little evidence to support his claims.

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