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Orgone Zapper Benefits

Orgone Zapper Standard

Orgone enhanced Clark Zappers, or Orgone Zappers as we like to call them, have some amazing healing effects. This is the feedback from our customers and our own experience.

Norma B. healed from cancer of the thyroid

Norma is a friend of ours whom we met in 2001, before we even started making Zappers. She was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the thyroid. The hospital had already scheduled her for a complete removal of the thyroid. I had then just ordered 3 of Don Croft's orgonite enhanced Terminator Zappers and let her have one in the hope that it would help her.

After 6 weeks of using the Zapper she went back to the oncologist that had diagnosed her cancer. The cancer had become undetectable and the oncologist was of course perplexed. This dramatic healing in fact moved us to start making our own Zappers, modelled on the successful Don Croft Terminator Zapper.

Don Croft - who is a good friend of ours - encouraged and coached us to make our own Orgone Parasite Zappers as he believes in a wide spread grass roots effort to produce these devices rather than in hoarding intellectual property. After all, all inventors who came up with something that challenged the establishment in a serious way and tried to exploit their invention in a conventional way by patenting it etc. were destroyed in last few hundred years. So, an open source movement of independent inventors and small scale producers has proven to be the best guarantee that these revolutionary yet simple healing tools spread and remain available to the general public.

Are you a Thomas : Try it

Review by JCOB

Hello George, A medical doctor came to my office and found me zapping. I explained what I was doing and its benefits. The professional brushed me off.Two months down the road ulcers attached [appeared?] and in desperation [he] requested to try the zapper.The doctor is back to work and now has but praise for the product. I ask all doubting Thomas's out there to just try it.Thanks for this beautiful product.

Be Blessed!

John Charles (Posted on 17/05/2013)

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Great quality product

Review by Katia

We decided to buy only one Zapper... My husband and I often fight on whose turn it is to use! The Zapper had literally changed our lives for the better... We are thanks to the Zapper, more balanced and healthy human beings, having a great positive outlook on life. Try it!!! (Posted on 24/04/2013)

It Really Works

Review by AB

Better health overall, no flus, no headache, more focus after zapping for the first 3 months. Then when I quit zapping, I loss my energy, concentration even the regular headaches came again. I bought 6 of them in total for my family members. Very recommended for everyone. You won't believe it until you try.

Thanks OrgoniseAfrica :) (Posted on 20/01/2013)

"Here put this on. It won't hurt you, just do it."

Review by Donald Garrett

Georg, thank you for the fantastic prices and high quality of your Zappers. We keep extra standard and turbo Zappers in the first-aid kit (batteries separate) and more on hand as loaners. For immediate situations we're more like, "Here put this on. It won't hurt you, just do it." We keep an eye on them, watching out for healing crisis if they've lived large slamming themselves with factory foods, pharmaceuticals, etc. Of course we've sent them to our parents and loved ones, but it takes extra care following up and educating them as well. Some will misuse it, most will blow it off because it's not a pill or they ask their doctor (!) about it, but if we stick with it they usually come around. Especially if we can get them to wear it long enough and consistently enough for parasite kill. Seems to blow the fungo off their minds at the same time, making them easier to talk to and also they seem to spontaneously start taking better care of themselves. Love to you and yours from Jasmine and I! Thanks again! (Posted on 09/04/2012)

Sleep like a baby

Review by Anna

Since I have received the zapper, I have been sleeping like never before. It is incredible.

(Posted on 13/10/2011)

Thrilled with my second Zapper

Review by Rocky

After wearing my original Zapper for several years, it has taken some abuse...I've been through a couple of straps (generously and courteously provided by Georg), and in the last year the neodymium magnet fell out. Please note that this is not because the product is in any way second rate. I tend to be a bit clumsier and more careless than most, and as I said, my zapper has taken some abuse from its owner. :) After going sometime without one, I could not help but notice the increase in my frequency of illness, and a general loss in overall energy. I even had a bad bout with the typical bronchitis that I used to get quite often before discovering the Zapper. I knew it was time for another. With Georg's generous discounts, I got a great deal and I'm very happy with what I received. The new blue box case it comes in is beautiful, and will always have the website on it (as opposed to my old one with the worn off sticker). The literature that comes along with the Zapper is a great way to introduce others to it, and the straps look more heavy duty than ever now! The shipping was also incredibly fast from South Africa to Syracuse, NY...less than two weeks! I was not expecting it to arrive so quickly, and it has simply made my day. Thank you, Georg, for such a fantastic product and are doing a great thing for the entire world!

(Posted on 13/08/2011)

Luv this Zapper

Review by Vinny

>Alright algriht alright that's exactly what I needed!

(Posted on 02/08/2011)

A great product.

Review by Deborah

Thank you so much, I have been using my copper Zapper daily for about 3 months and my energy is back, have done a thorough detox, heavy metals etc and sinus has cleared up. A great product. Regards Deborah (Posted on 27/05/2011)

More energy than I've had in months

Review by Grant

Some early feedback regarding the zapper: When I got home on Monday, we put the zapper on my wife's leg, near her troublesome knee. After 10 minutes she stood up and said "To be totally honest I didn't think this thing was going to do anything. BUT... there is a huge relief, I can actually move my knee a lot easier." She has continued to use it and it has brought her much relief with all her troublesome joints.

I frequently get severely infected tonsils followed by flu. On Tuesday afternoon I thought I was in the early stages of another bout. Yesterday I had a bit of "toxic feeling" and was somewhat feverish. I could feel my immune system was waging war with something. This morning I've got more energy than I've had in months. I can only ascribe this to using the zapper.I will give you feedback later on how things have changed in my class (computer center) as a result of the HGG and dirty harrys, for now I can say things look positive. I do not understand at a physics/meta-physics level how this works, but clearly it does.Blessings and best wishes Grant (Posted on 27/05/2011)

Beautiful stuff, brother!

Review by Nobunoni

Hi Georg The Orgone Zapper arrived and I strapped it on :))) I felt the energies and vibrations shift within a few seconds' can feel my Chi rising' energies of the magnetic light body are begining to flow! Beautiful stuff brother'Can feel the 2 hemispheres of the brain re-aligning' and everything flowing! The frequency I feel is very much like Iboga' or the oz has atuned me into the plants vibration' earth vibration'Shall be able to work with this'Basse love'Have a beautiful day!

Nobunoni + (Posted on 02/05/2011)

Fantastic Zapper!!!! AAAA!!!

Review by Tim

I've tried many Zappers....this is the best Zapper for the money...on the planet!!! (Posted on 28/06/2010)

The zapper is probably the most fascinating gadget you can get your hands on

Review by Fixedcross

Yes, the Zapper! I've not so much questions as that I would just like to testify here what a fantastic tool this thing is. Immensely powerful in dispelling unwanted energies, in liberating the wanted anergies (i.e those energies which form part of the organisms will - to - be) and hance, it is a great stimulant in any creative process. Try attaching this thing to your arm and then write, stream of consciousness-like. The mind is such a fertile ground, especially the suffering mind, when it gets some release from parasites and repression. I ordered it a little over a year ago, and the product has far surpassed my expactations. Another great thing to do with it is to excersize, do heavy workouts - I find I am able to do about twice as many pushups when Im wearing the zapper. And in kung fu, it tremendously increases my power. I once brought an orgonite amulet to kung fu practice, and I hit so hard the punching bag came down from the ceiling, and the gloves ripped open and were basically shredded. The others refused to further spar with me. Orgonite is an amazing attribute. The zapper is probably the most fascinating gadget you can get your hands on. Apply it to any kind of energy-economy and watch the results. Awesome.(Posted on 21/05/2010)

Excellent, everyone should have one!

Review by Rocky

I purchased one of these zappers from Georg five or six years ago, and the results have been fantastic. I find that when I wear my zapper, I generally have better overall health, fewer allergy symptoms and asthma attacks, and an increased energy level. As someone who grew up being sick quite often, I've found this device to be nothing short of a miracle. As long as I wear it regularly, I find that many of the common colds and illnesses that often pass through the college campus I work on do not impact me like they used to. In the time I've been using a zapper, I would estimate that my occurance of illnesses of any type has decreased by at least 75%. I give this device my absolute highest and strongest recommendation to anyone interested. It will be some of the best money you've ever spent! Rocky Feola Syracuse, New York (Posted on 25/01/2010)

Orgone Zapper El Silverado Testimonials

Even Better

Review by AB

After I tried standard orgone zapper, I purchased the El silverado. This stuff does even better than the standard. Feel my body and my feeling very clear and calm. Makes my hair and nail grow faster. I use elsilverado when sleeping everday on my palm for maintaining general health. More, my little box creates a conversation. I am promoting this to relatives and friends for their better health. Thanks OrgoniseAfrica. (Posted on 20/01/2013)

Great Zapper!

Review by Mark

After seeing the build quality (and effectiveness) of the basic zapper from Orgonise Africa I decided to treat myself to one of their Orgone Zapper El Silverado models. I have been using it regularly ever since and the fairly regular colds and cold related ailments I was experiencing have been kicked out of the park! I also noticed an initial "clear out" after a few days of use and feel that it works extremely well as a detoxification device. Value for money for wise you can't go wrong with these, and if it is a little too expensive the orgone zapper with copper or even the basic zapper are also very good units. (Posted on 24/04/2012)

The best thing for your health

Review by desertguy

This little device has probably been the most positive thing I've ever done for my health, in my life. My body has been expelling worms (I've seen the evidence) and my craving for sugar is now practically zero. On top of that is a pervading sense of calm that is with me all the time. I really hope that more people find out about these. (Posted on 18/10/2011)

I just want to say that silver is the best orgone conductor. So, this zapper, in addition to the zapping for physical reasons, is great for many other reasons. My experience is an immediate deep feeling of energy pulse through my whole system. Dramatic removal of harmful organisms, chemicals and toxic biofield energy. Only two of those can really be measured, the third us mostly a sensation. Great stuff! (Posted on 04/05/2011)


Review by leroy

What an excellent product. I been using this for a week now the one thing this makes me sleep because of the powerful combination of orgone,neodymium magnet and moebuis coil and collidal silverl this is a must for your immume system with a good diet of good alkaline food with greens will avoid skin burning when using this excellent product (Posted on 27/07/2010)

Colloidal Silver Kit

Review by Leroy

I just brought the el silverado and i got it last week monday 19 july 2010 i use it every day since it's early stage for me to give a full conclusion so far i used it i feel very relaxed makes me sleeps you feel sometimes the current in your body it's a good for detoxing the body as well as it's restore the Ph balance in your body keep up the good work team organise africa (Posted on 26/07/2010

Gift for a colleague

Review by CHL

Dear Georg, I gave a silverado zapper to a colleague as she was "too poor" to afford one. To her astonishment, she recovered totally from all her ailments within one night of zapping! I consider this a MIRACLE! I wonder why the conventional medicine doesn't embrace the humble zapper with both arms? This morning her face was glowing, she was bounding with energy, and she was so happy! She said she regretted not taking my advice to buy a zapper months earlier, as she looked only at the prices and not the write-ups. With best wishes Yours sincerely CHL(Posted on 05/05/2010)

Orgonite Earthpipe

Review by JR

Eliminates sciatic pain, headaches, tension, nervousness, allergy symptoms, and things I'm still finding out about! We feel much better, and after being exposed to toxic chemicals, I had to clean off one of the electrodes that filtered them out of my system! Great item!

Review by Alex

I have three of these, two of which are the standard zapper and this one silver one, I will give one to a friend if they tell me about an ailment. I wear this often overnight, or throughout the day attached to my leg when I'm cycling or walking to and from work. It seems to work on multiple levels over the body, for me it sorts out candida fungus whiilst energizing you from the orgone and magnets.I find myself having clearer skin and brighter complexion also after wearing for 2 hours in the day, always attached to back of my right leg.For sleep I have worn on the bottom of my foot and have woken very 'light'. I will always turn to this device for helping my body fight any problems it comes up against.Thanks Orgonise Africa.Best Alex (Posted on 25/04/2010)

Review by Sander van Kleef

Dear Orgonise Africa,I am using the ElSilverado zapper for about 6 weeks now, and the results are amazing. I had a corn under my little toe for a few years and i couldn's get rid of it (even after trying all the things from the drugstore). After 3 weeks of zapping it just fell out. At first i was happy, but still a bit afraid of the hole it left under ky toe. Now after 6 weeks of zapping, it is completely recovered and the hole is gone.I also zap my big toe, because i have a severe type of nail lime. Again i tried all the stuff from the drugstore for more than 2 years, but it only seemed to get worse. Untill i starting zapping my big toe. Now after 4 weeks it looks like the nail is regenerating and the nail lime is growing out.It's Fantastic! because nail lime is very ugly. For the rest i don't have much other problems, but in general i feel good when i am zapping.Keep up this fantastic work! Sander van Kleef, Netherlands (Posted on 21/04/2010)

Healing Powers

Review by Michael

I bought my first EL Silverado a few years ago. It was just an awesome mind opening experience. Since then I have purchased four more units. My children use them when they are feeling sick and within 24 hours they are symptom free. They don't ask for medications or vitamins they ask for their Orgone Zappers. I am simply amazed by how these little miracles machines have worked. I strap two on, one on each calf. They are so powerful that when I don't zap for a while I experience something called die off which is nothing other then my body detoxifying from the death of all the organisms that shouldn't be inside me.For a day it is like I have the flu then I feel amazing for days. This unit serves me in so many ways. I make Colloidal Silver with it and I hook it put to my small orgone wand. These guys a miracle workers! Thanks! (Posted on 28/03/2010)

Review by enkiji

Hello Dear ones,I bought this item about 6 months ago.I can tell you this is a one stop solution for every thing.Other than zapping, the silver ions help kill germs, neodymium magnet helps,orgone chi creates positive scalar field around body and it can also be used for radionics with your intentions. Overall 5/5.A must have in your kitty !!! (Posted on 19/03/2010)

Orgone Zapper against Candida

Review by Louise

Hello Orgonise Africa! I just had to tell you about my experiences with my zapper I ordered from you. After doing a lot of research on the subject I was finally willing to have faith in the electro-treatment and got one of my very own! I now know for a FACT that this works, and I’ll tell you why.I had pin worms, which had obvious symptoms. I got rid of a lot of them through the right herbs and I saw the little dead buggers come out. Well, I obviously could not get them all because my symptoms returned. But instead of getting rid of them again the same way, I thought I’d wait for my zapper and experiment to see if it could get rid of them by zapping them. Well, after a week of side effects from the zapper including very intense “under the skin” itching all over, few accidental acid burns and increased bowel movements I have to say all pin worm symptoms have ceased. More over, I believe it has solved my Candida problem which started 2 years ago after trying the birth control pill. I went off the pill after two months because of the intense sugar cravings (it had ruined my sex drive anyway). I however never recovered and have gained 10 kilos since. A lot for a 20 year old with a pretty good metabolism. Sorry to be so personal, but just wanted to express how damaging medication can be. I am now on a diet to lose weight, and I have to say that sometimes I have to be careful I don’t eat too little! My sugar cravings have subsided, and now I only think about food when I’m actually hungry. I’ll go a whole day moving around at work and not even stop to eat! I have to put down my past sugar cravings to the parasites in my system. I mean, I used to eat a fast food meal DAILY, a whole large pizza in one sitting was do-able. So, even though my health is regained I am still addicted to using the zapper, which leads me to the orgonite. I never really believed it all that much, but it’s helped my energy work so much. I feel the energy straight away when I put it on and the feeling of euphoria it gives is addictive. I’m even beginning to see my aura which I never could before. I could not imagine a better health and spiritual device, so thankyou for providing the service, I am greatly appreciative.Kind Regards,Louise. (Posted on 27/02/2010)

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