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What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a miracle material that has everyone talking.

What are its components, and what does it do for you?

There is a lot of confusion about the terms orgonite, orgone energy, orgone generators and devices. Therefore, we'll help bring some order into this terminology.


Orgonite is a resin mix (polyester or epoxy) with metal filings and added crystals.

This mix has the unique ability to convert stagnant negative energy (DOR or Deadly Orgone energy) into positive living energy or POR (Positive Orgone energy).

The simple resin-/metal matrix, working to regenerate the etheric orgone energy field, we call orgonite.

Orgonite makers add crystals and gemstones to the basic mix, which harmonises the energy and imbues it with the subtle informational signature of these additions. We can use even plant materials or other inserts to refine the raw positive orgone energy. The insertion of coils can help to spin the energy for specific applications.

There is a vast field for creative experimentation. However, we should not forget that basic orgonite is nothing but fine metal filings (mostly aluminium) mixed with resin.

Original orgonite did not have any crystals or other additions and was yet highly effective.

Many suppliers are now going overboard with colourful stone arrangements and coils and forget the main ingredient.

While this often leads to stunning artwork, it is not really orgonite.While the arrangement of stones and coils may have a positive vibration, it is not doing the hard work of converting the negative energy fields created by the universal 5g and other microwave antennas into. living positive life energy!

Orgone Energy – The Universal Life Energy

Orgone Energy is the primordial energy that is there before anything else.The ancients called it the Ether.

Other cultures used names like

  • Chi
  • Prana •
  • Od Elan Vital

Modern theoretical physics is also returning to ether concepts like

  • quantum fluctuation
  • zero-point energy
  • torsion fields

Behind that is the understanding that all matter is ultimately energy. There are, in reality, no electrons, protons, neutrons etc.

These are just constructs of our minds we use to understand the visible world and make predictions about the behaviour of materials. It's all swirling spiralling energy in an endless ocean of energy.

Wilhelm Reich

The name Orgone was coined by a medical doctor, psychiatrist and scientific multitalented, Dr Wilhelm Reich. However, Dr Wilhelm Reich did not invent orgonite! That came much later.

He researched the living orgone energy, which he at first described as a type of "bioelectricity" similar to Anton Messmer's "animal magnetism".

Wilhelm Reich built orgone accumulators that were sit-in boxes clad with alternating layers of metal and organic materials. This concentrated the ambient orgone energy in a way that had many healing effects, most notably total remissions of cancers after only a few weeks of treatments.

He also invented the "cloudbuster", an array of metal pipes he mounted on a turret on a truck and used to sweep the sky to move the stagnant energy and thereby end drought conditions in the Arizona desert. More on that in "The History of Orgone

Wilhelm Reich saw orgone energy as the embodiment of the creative principle, the principle of life itself.

Science and Orgone Energy

Our mechanistic science, still prevailing today, has no real explanation for life because it tries to explain everything as chemical, electrical or physical processes.

Electrical or chemical processes do, of course, take place in living organisms. Still, they cannot explain the miracle of how a fully grown human being emerges from a fertilised ovary cell. Neither can it explain how a wonderfully detailed wild fig tree appears from a seed randomly dropped into a cracked rock and exposed to sunlight, water and not much more.

It is this self-organising force that our mechanistic science cannot explain. This force is going towards the higher organisation (disentropy). At the same time, all the mechanical processes that humans have so far engineered are entropic, which means going towards a lower degree of organisation.

We burn a log to make fire and reduce the complex grown cellular structure of the wood to ashes, mainly salts and minerals. We burn fossil fuels and reduce their complex hydrocarbon molecules to much simpler molecules to use the energy.

When we split the atom in a nuclear reaction, we reduce a complex atom to a less complex one, releasing energy that we can use. But all entropic processes are inherently destructive. The machines we build are all subject to wear and tear, and they do not regenerate themselves or grow new limbs. After a few years of usage, they become useless, burnt out and ground to dust.

Orgone and consciousness

We see living beings as conscious energy fields, organising the matter they consist of and constantly renewing themselves. None of the cells in your body has been with you longer than seven years.

The famous zoologist Rupert Sheldrake speaks of the morphogenetic field in this context. You could even say we are a synergistic cloud of microorganisms, some of the more firmly (body cells), some quite loosely (millions of bacteria, virii and fungi) connected to our etheric field. And yet we perceive ourselves as a distinct entity.

We are now going beyond Wilhelm Reich, who wanted to remain "scientific" and did not touch anything spiritual. Wilhelm Reich was not a mystic or anything like a modern new ager, and he liked to pose in a white lab coat, hunched over a microscope.

But we cannot dismiss that the concept of the creative life force is connected to the realm of consciousness and creation and, therefore, imminently spiritual.

How can Orgonite help me? 

You may wonder now what this means for you. Is this orgonite just an abstract, esoteric concept or something that could change your life right now?

While you can not reliably measure orgone energy with any existing devices, its effects can be profound and evident.

Especially its effects on living organisms can be observed and documented.

Orgonite's environmental benefits 

  • We have noticed and documented profound changes on our many expeditions that often happen instantly after gifting (putting orgonite next to) a group of cellphone towers. The sky changes its visual appearance. When it was before indistinct and almost flat and two dimensional, suddenly you see beautifully articulated cumulus clouds, often forming a vortex around the gifted site with a blue hole in the centre.
  • After large gifting expeditions, almost invariable significant weather changes. Droughts end, and a more natural weather pattern establishes itself.
  • Increased plant growth and animal health. (Of course, human health as well) It can make a huge difference for farmers and directly increase crop yields.

Orgonite and personal wellbeing

  • Feeling energised and reinvigorated in the presence of orgonite – "with a new spring in your step."
  • Better and more natural sleep
  • Feeling much less affected by electromagnetic frequencies
  • Reports of spontaneous healing of even severe ailments, reversal or significant betterment of chronic conditions.
  • Feeling calm and confident

Spiritual benefits

  1. Orgonite strengthens intuitive powers and leads to more profound mediation for those who follow a spiritual path. Spiritual healers like to have it in their healing rooms as it enhances their healing process.
  2. Negative entities find it difficult to persist in a positive orgone energy field.
  3. People become more constructive and solution-oriented in a positive orgone field like the one we create by gifting all cellphone towers in an area with tower busters. For example: when we gifted the crime-ridden metropolis of Johannesburg for the first time in 2003 with approximately 2000 orgonite Tbs, the crime statistic showed a reverse trend for the first time in years: 13% reduction in murder, manslaughter and armed robbery.
  4. On a similar note: people find it easier to resolve personal conflicts. I remember a long time quarrelling couple among our friends. After we had installed a cloudbuster and put some smaller orgonites around their premises, they decided to peacefully separate, go different ways and be happy. Now they are good friends again.
  5. When Don Croft and some of our Ugandan friends visited the war-ravaged area of Northern Uganda where the "Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony" was terrorising the population, and further North Southern Sudan was fighting for independence from Khartoum. After this gifting run, the LRA dissolved, and southern Sudan peacefully seceeded from Sudan. In other words: orgonite should be massively introduced in war zones.

Basic Orgonite Devices 

Over time, the following devices have been developed in open collaboration within the worldwide orgonite movement. I am listing the major groups and their primary application. There are many derivatives of these basic types:

The cloudbuster

Developed by Don Croft in early the 2000s, the orgonite cloudbuster draws in negative energy (DOR) from a wide area - up to 100km and more, depending on the intensity of electromagnetic interference.

It converts it into sparkling, bristling positive energy (POR). It is a powerful environmental healing tool that can restore healthy and natural weather patterns, end droughts and clear the sky from chemtrails, especially when supported by massive areas gifted with tower busters.

The typical cloudbuster consists of 6 copper pipes of approximately 1.8m or 6ft length,  embedded into an orgonite base — each pipe has a double-terminated quartz crystal at the embedded bottom end.

The orgonite cone (HHG) or pyramid

This is a powerful orgone generator in a cone shape used as the anchor of your house organisation setup. We have found that a single such cone could visibly convert a faraway tower array on an inaccessible mountain into a positive energy generator from a distance of 3-4 km.

Note: HHG stands for Holy Hand Grenade, a term that Don Croft borrowed from Monthy Python's "The holy grail".

His humour was often quite quirky.

The classical HHG design has a grid of 4 outward-pointing quartz crystals and one quartz crystal pointing to the top. The crystals should be embedded in the orgonite and not visible to be fully effective. We use the same design in our pyramids. Beware of showy pyramid designs that consist primarily of clear resin and colourful stones displayed for visual effect.

To the degree that they contain little or no metal filings, they are ineffective as orgone generators, even if the design may look fantastic.

The orgonite towerbuster

Puck sized orgone generator consisting of simple orgonite mix with some quartz crystal breakage and optionally other crystals or minerals. Applications are endless as this can be tossed or dug in anywhere where the energy feels dodgy.

The main application is the gifting of cellphone towers, transforming them from virtual death ray transmitters to positive orgone generators.

We have the rough "Dirty Harry" version for outdoor use and the smoother "Slick Jims", and different other versions with beautiful healing ingredients.

The orgonite earth pipe 

An orgonite earth pipe is a short copper pipe, partly filled with orgonite and a coiled crystal pointing into the ground.

It infuses underground targets with positive energy: negative watercourses, negative energy lines, and secret underground installations.

Energy sensitives have confirmed that a component of the dark energy emanated by a typical cellphone tower goes into the ground. So to properly neutralise such a site (especially the very high powered ones), an earth pipe is an excellent addition to the arsenal.

Orgonite pendants

Carol Croft, the wife of orgonite pioneer Don Croft, invented the first orgonite pendant. She endowed it with a gift of direct energy perception, and her pendant was called the "Etheric Harmoniser".

Orgonite pendants protect you from negative energies during the day, no matter what challenging environment you are moving in. They strengthen your bio-field or aura and protect you from the consequences of the ubiquitous electromagnetic haze and 5g frequency bombardment. Once you ever wore one, you'll not feel complete without it!

Cellphone protectors

It neutralises the DOR from the cellphone without disturbing the signal. Our plant growth experiment showed the big difference this makes in biological systems. Users report an end to headaches and other harmful effects of cellphone usage.

Pulsed orgonite devices 

A new category of orgonite was created by pulsing a large crystal embedded in orgonite with zapper current via a Möbius coil. The Möbius coil, named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius, creates a scalar electromagnetic field by "being rewound onto itself.

This, combined with orgonite, creates a potent orgone field, bristling with energy. It protects from electromagnetic and even psychic interference and provides a powerful field for manifestation of intent and distant healing

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