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Rife Frequencies vs. the Orgone Zapper

Rife frequencies, Rife therapy are commonly heard buzzwords in the alternative healing community. What exactly is the difference between a Rife frequency generator and a zapper, especially an orgone zapper.

Royal Rife discovered that every organism has a resonant frequency at which it can be destroyed, using sound waves, pulsed light

Orgone Zapper Healing is not frequency specific

A lot of people are very confused out there and that includes a lot of zapper manufacturers, because it is very common to mistake the zapper for a Royal Rife style frequency resonance device which it isn’t.Hulda Clark has contributed to that confusion although she says very clearly that any frequency between 10 and 30,000 Hz will be effective. (see for example The Cure for all Diseases p.14)The working principle of a zapper is not based on any specific frequency that would resonate with any specific pathogen and kill it.

That’s the idea behind so called “Rife machines”, named after the late Royal Rife who discovered the principle of frequency resonance in parasitic organisms and used it successfully for healing. Royal Rife’s research was valid but it’s a different story altogether.A zapper simply charges the body with electrons, whereby the skin seems to act as a capacitor.Such a charge with electrons is called a negative charge or ionisation, which does of course not imply a moral judgment like when we talk of “negative energies” (totally different story, that).It just seems that pathogenic or say parasitic organisms do not like this negative ionisation, just like they do not like an alkaline environment.

They simply shrivel and die.

That is even true for cancer cells that behave like alien organisms in our bodies.But more dramatically, doctors in the US who have been using zappers (a courageous few) have reported how, immediately after first zapping small white worms were breaking the skin of their patients, fleeing a suddenly uninhabitable environment.According to the CDC, the average American carries about a pound of living parasites in average. Isn’t that disgusting?The role of parasites in disease forming is totally under reported in conventional medicine and no attention is paid to their presence.

Dr. Hulda Clark saw parasites and toxins in their mutually enhancing interplay as the main reason for practically all diseases, with the toxins making the membranes in the digestive tract permeable for those parasites that traditionally never infected humans. Parasites in turn carry bacteria and viruses.

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