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Revitalise stagnant energy

With Orgonite

Buy Orgonite for Gifting & Personal Healing from the World's Leading Orgonite Producers.

Buy from the Orgonite Pioneers with the largest and most complete assortment of Orgonite tools.

  • Orgonite for Large-Scale Outdoor Gifting

    These are the Essentials that we've used ourselves on countless Orgonite gifting expeditions. Stock up on these basic Orgonite tools to start your own gifting journey, whether it's the cellphone tower down the road or a larger tour. We've got you covered.

  • Orgonite for Personal Use & EMF Protection

    One of the most relevant applications of Orgonite today - our cellphone shields for everyday use as well as a variety of Orgonite products that we've specifically developed to shield you from stronger EMF radiation and neutralise its effects.

  • Orgone Zappers - your Daily Health Routine

    A zap a day keeps the parasites at bay - and paired with Orgonite and several other energetic components, our Orgone Zappers can make up the cornerstone of your daily health routine. We also offer some accessory health devices that you'll find useful!

Becoming the world's leading Orgonite experts...

...started with a pounding heart, gifting a lone cellphone tower on a traffic circle not too far from home with a single Orgonite Towerbuster. Over the years, this developed into far-reaching gifting expeditions throughout 10 African countries as well as 3 other continents.

More than 20 years later, Orgonise Africa is a thriving family-run business supported by a team of 10. We operate out of Johannesburg, South Africa to bring you authentic Orgonite and Orgone Zappers of the highest quality.