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Intestinal worms: The hidden menace

Parasites and worms may be the no. 1 cause of disease according to the late Dr. Hulda Clark and her seminal book "The Cure for all Diseases". Worms and parasites that we pick up from outer species such as pets and domestic animals were prevented from invading our bodies for millenia by our intestinal barrier. This barrier is now being weakened by the protracted intake of toxins through processed foods, household chemicals and environmental pollution. Intestinal worms such as intestinal flukes, liver flukes, ascaris and many others invade our bodies and take residence in muscle tissue, cavities, even in the brain or heart.

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ovary muscle tissue (human) infected by worm parasites (Ascaris suum)

worm parasites

This is disgusting: heart infested by round worms

Intestinal worms: Can they be killed by an orgone zapper?

Conventional wisdom especially in the Hulda Clark community says the microcurrents of a zapper cannot reach the intestinal worms because the wet intestinal lining forms an electrical barrier (Faradayan cage).

However in the experience of users of our orgone zappers or Don Croft's Terminator zappers (very similar) this contention does not hold up.

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Intestinal worms killed after minutes of zapping

more othodox followers of Dr. Hulda Clark (every innovation breeds it's orthodoxy) are advocating a parasite cleanse using wormwood ectract, cloves and the ticture of black walnut hulls. This is of course a very effective parasite cleanse but may not be necessary when using one of our orgone zappers like the ones shown below.

Intestinal worms: Why the orgone zapper eliminates them

We are using a very low frequency in our zappers, namely approximately 15 Hz (subject to tolerances due to component deviations). Low frequencies have shown to be very penetrating which is the reason why the US military uses ultra low freqzencies in their GWEN (Ground Wave Emergengcy Network) earth penetrating radio communication network. As we have stated in another article, a zapper does not heal because of a specific frequency resonance but rather because pulsed direct current pumps electrons into the body. According to Hulda Clark any frequency between 10 and 30,0000 Hz is effective. Small devations from the 15 Hz are then also not a problem of course.

The low frequency is just utilized for the deep penetration and makes our zapper very efective and universal in their application.

We have received so much feed back from users and health practitioners who all found that after about 2-3 weeks of daily zapping with one of our orgone zappers parasites where basically undetectable.

Get one of the orgone zappers below and find out how life without intestinal worms and other parasites feels like:

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