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Muti Orgonite

African medicine for protection, health and wealth

Traditional African medicine has always been "magical" rather than "scientific" in the narrow modern sense. This means that medicinal herbs were not so much chosen for their "active ingredients" to be ingested but rather for their vibratory resonances. In other words: African traditional medicine to a large extent is "vibrational medicine"

This is a concept that can be likened to European Homeopathy, where the remedies are ingested in such highly dissolved states that they can only by vibrational, or traditional Chinese medicine, and even Ayurveda, where remedies are selected for their energetic properties relative to the specific elements taught in those systems.

Often the "medicine" is not ingested but worn around the neck in a leather pouch or burnt as an offering.

What is Muti?

In Southern Africa all traditional medicine is called Muti. Muti can be anything from a charm worn against evil spirits to a herbal concoction against stomach bloating. A spell cast by magical ritual would also be called "Muti". The Orgonite acts like a "carrier wave" for the more subtle vibrations of traditional African medicine as it does with the finer frequencies of gemstones and other healing crystals. You can read more about the traditional ingredients we use right here.

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