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EMF Protection with Orgonite

Orgonite for Cellphones and other Radiation Sources

Our Orgonite Minishields and Maxishields are designed to stick to the back of a cellphone and protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) - negative chi. These cellphone shields are made out of Orgonite and transform EMF radiation into positive Orgone energy (positive chi, positive prana).

The principle of this orgonite for emf protection is the same as neutralizing a (much larger and more powerful) cell phone mast with the much larger Orgonite Towerbuster.

This is due to the fact that Orgonise Africa has been at the forefront of the orgonite movement since 2002. In countless orgone healing expeditions we have experienced and documented the effects of orgonte gifting on the environment and human health and wellbeing. You can buy authentic personal healing orgonite for sale from us.

"Mobile phones could turn out to be as damaging to health as cigarettes"

British expert Professor Lawrie Challis made this observation as he prepared to undertake a mass study of long-term phone users amid fears they are at greater risk of brain cancer.

Orgonite for EMF protection:

Please check out the 5g equalizer for enhanced protection from 5g radiation dangers. It can be used for any radiation source that affects you directly including powerful WIFI routers in the house or office.

The smart meter shield is specifically formulated for smart meters and has strong double sided tape in order for you to be able to stick it into the smart meter box. You can enjoy amazing results with our orgonite for emf protection.

Although primarily designed for cellphones, the cellphone shields can also be used on electrical outlets, computers, Wi-Fi routers, your computer mouse, electrical outlet points and any other sources of EMF radiation.

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