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Tactical Orgonite

Etheric Warriors love to use large quantities of relatively crude (and therefore cheap) Orgonite Towerbusters, Orgonite Earthpipes and other Orgonite devices especially for environmental healing work. Field orgonite for etheric warriors does not have to be pretty. This simple but effective orgonite is not made to be gazed at or worn on the body.

Etheric Warriors keep it simple

Essentially all the large scale environmental gifting is done with 4 essential tools:

The Orgonite Towerbuster "Dirty Harry"

is the most versatile of all Orgonite devices. We use it to convert cellphone masts into positive orgone generators, to gift water courses and place it wherever we feel the energy needs an upgrade. Think: power stations, large manufacturing plants, police stations, prisons, abbatoirs, cemeteries, your place of work, corporate headquarters, places of political power, religious indoctrination, satanic ritual...(use your imagination)

The Orgonite Earthpipe

for converting negative enegy lines, adressing any underground source of negative energy (secret underground bases) but also near cell phone towers as they often sit on energy lines that become DOR poisoned as a result.

A simple Orgonite HHG

can be used for any power spots on your Orgone gifting journeys, also large arrays of microwave transmitters or in cases where yo cannot get near.

An Orgonite Cloudbuster

every 50km or even further apart should be enough when the area inbetween is well gridded with the smaller devices. The CB will draw in the stagnant energy from the sky up to a height of approximately 6km and push it back as sparkling radiant positive Orgone. For the Orgonite Cloudbuster to unfold it's full potential it is important to gift the cellphone towers on the ground with simple Orgonite Towerbusters.

These are the basic gifting tools for all environmental healing work with Orgonite. As you will see, we offer many types of Towerbusters - some have added gemstones and can be used for very specific purposes.

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