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Keshe Plasma Orgonite

The powerful combination of Plasma and Orgonite has led us to new discoveries of what can be done with Orgonite.

Plasma water is another term for G.A.N.S. water or "GAs in a Nano State".

Our GANS products contain a 10ml vial of CO2 GANS - "GAs in a Nano State". This technology was developed my M.V. Keshe. CO2 GANS is the description for CO2 particles contained in water, which are attracted by means of an electromagnetic field. This GANS is very energy rich and can even be used as a source of free energy.

We are using it to give our Orgonite a fantastic boost, for example in our Booster HHGs, which we like to combine with the 28mm Cloudbusters. We have already deployed several of these combinations around South Africa, with massive positive rainfall impact - see recent blog posts "No Hour Zero" for more info on that.

We are convinced that this can be the next step in further improving our Orgone technology, and we excitedly await your feedback on these products!

We have compiled a few links for you to better understand the technology:

- KF Wiki


- How GANS is made

Here is our current offering of CO2-GANS Plasma Orgonite products:

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