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9-11 15th anniversary

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

A short snippet of one of the towers being "penetrated" by the phallic shape of a jetliner were shown repeatedly for hours, alternating in a very suggestive way with images of fuzzy bearded Osama Bin Laden. No evidence was presented that Bin Laden had anything to do with it, only vague insinuations about "informed circles in London having some hunches"... 

I'm sure, if you were awake and alive at that time, you know exactly what i'm talking about.
This was brain entrainment of the finest. I had just recently caught on to an understanding of the workings of the global elite and concepts like "false flag" and so on came to my mind immediately when seeing this and how it was played.

9-11, possibly the worst mind control op after WWII
In the meantime an unprecedented acceleration of the formation of an openly fascist police state in most of the Western world has been paralleled with an equally unprecedented awakening of a growing percentage of the world's population to the real nature of this emerging "New World Order" or "New World Odor" as Don Croft likes to call it. 
I know very few people who really believe that those towers were really brought down by some towel heads who had just had some flight training on a Cessna and left their passports on the ground for all to find...  I guess we all agree on that one. 

We truly live in interesting times!

Orgonite has helped this awakening process worldwide by disabling a lot of negative mind control and weather manipulation technologies and restoring positive life enhancing energy fields, lifting consciousness around the globe. 

Typical clearing sequence of chemtrail- and HAARP infested sky by applying a few towerbusters to the cellphone towers in a small town as observed in George, Western Cape, South Africa in 2005: 

Fully HAARPed up chemtrail slime 

Dissolving, first natural clouds showing

Dissolving, some cumulus showing

Now the sky looks all right (after 30 min) 

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