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(Anti)AIDS activist Tina v/d Maas attacked again

By Shopify API  •   1 minute read

Tina v/d Maas, intrepid AIDS activist who has healed 1000s of often hopeless cases from AIDS and other diseases with her simple but effective detox method was attacked in her cottage and her and her mother's 3 laptops stolen. Money that lay openly on te table was not touched by the thieves.

Tina gained notorious fame as the inspiring muse fr former SA Health Minister Manto Tshabalala Msimang's "controversial" stance on AIDS, promoting her successful dietary programme of lemon, olive oil and garlic. Since the mainstream has now steamrollered all dissidents in South Africa into submission, including some car accidents and the aborted presidency of Thabo Mbeki, Tina is a last one that needs to be silenced for the ARV scam to be unrolled in trully genocidal proportion.

Tina had just "cured" a prominent radio host and proponent of a "living HIV+ activist orgnisiation" who was ready to come out in Tina's support big time.

The timing of the attack is no accident.

It is the 9th attack on her, I think.

Read more on Tina here:

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