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Breakthrough Energy Movement

By Shopify API  •   6 minute read

29 Oct 2012


Ready for the Breakthrough?


The idea of Free energy and Orgone are closely related. Zero point energy or space energy, overunity and the new understanding of physics that is necessary to allow for the possibility of such technologies belong to the same strand of "awakened" perception and thinking. Orgone is just another name for the sea of constantly moving and fluctuating energy out of which all matter and conventionally measurable energy is lastly composed. We are standing on the brink of a total revolution of our worldview. As I have pointed out in countless previous posts, hundreds if not thousands of inventors have created working prototypes of devices that deliver more usable energy than what needs to be put in. The energy gain comes out of the limitless ocean of free energy that we call Orgone and others call ether, prana, quantum fluctuation... Our friend Vernando Vossa, one of the organisers and a speaker at the conference himself, has invited Orgonise Africa to participate in the upcoming

Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

in Hilversum, Netherlands with a demonstration stand and according to the latest developments a full 1 hour presentation. This is not yet reflected in the programme as yet but that will be updated shortly.

Orgonise Africa at the Breakthrough energy Conference in Hilversum

If you live in the Netherlands or any nearby region of Belgium, Luxembourg, France or Germany, do not miss this conference. If you live further afar, seriously consider this weekend trip. Apart from our presentation we will have a table where we will be able to showcase our products and engage in one on one talk. The 3 day conference has first class speakers many of them quite famous to those who have been following the emering Free energy movement. It is very reasonably priced at 220 Euro for the 3-day passPackages including Hotel are on offer at reasonable prices as well. Check out the BEM website here for more information. The conference is from 9-11 November. I hope to see you there and connect with you in person. I particularly like the name of their initiative Breakthrough Energy Movement as it emphasizes the urgency of this imminent breakthrough and that fact that these technologies are already there, ready to be mass produced. As I said in a previous post we are living far behind our times and a lot of the current worldwide crisis can be attributed to this deferred development. Of course the skewed and exploitative financial system is closely linked to this dilemma. The more people know about this, the more difficult it will become for the controlling elite to hold back this overdue revolution that will usher in a phase of unprecedented prosperity on this planet and solve our pollution and energy problems in one fell swoop. Get ready for the breakthrough, just in time towards the "mystical date" of End of 2012. I told you before that if there is any significance in te date "2012", it will be the turnaround for the better as the current system cannot really get much worse. We have deserved a bright futureand we will have it!

Orgonite and planetary awakening

The effects of orgonite are felt on many levels.

  • The visible changes in cloud formations as we gift cellphone towers and turn mushy chemtrailed and HAARPed  skies into those of  pristine beauty with deep blue luminescence and wonderfully articulated crisp cumulus formations.
  • The observable increase in rainfall in arid zones and general rebalancing of weather patterns
  • Increase in plantgrowth and plant health as well as the health of humans and animals by strengtheneing their bioenergetic field.
  • Spontaneous healing of even sever disease conditions. (we have reports of spontaneous cancer remissions due to just the presence of a powerful orgone device in a person's room)
  • More subtle and elusive even: The change in consciousness effected by the increased vitality and vibrancy of the all permeating orgone field.

The latter point could prove of greatest significance for the creation of that more radiant, happier world that we all aspire to. It comes back as feedback from many who have introduced orgonite into their surrounds and suddennly find that people who have been quarelling over years suddenly find ways to resolver their conflicts amicably and constructively. after we massively gifted Johannesburg, often refered to as the murder capital of the world, with probably around 3000 small orgone dvices, the crime rate for murder, manslaughter and robbery with aggravated circumstances dropped by 13% in 2003.

This after being on a seemingly unstoppable increase for decades. Of course 87% of these crimes are still happening and a career criminal will not turn into a lamb over night and a corrupt politician will still do his thing. This change in the energy field does not overrule our free will or remove the necessity for us to evolve based on the choices we make in life. But it shifts the balance in favour of more constructive agendas and encourages the emergence of new thoughts and world views. In all humility we strongly beliebeve that the worldwide proliferation of orgonite through this rapidly growing network of independent unorganised orgone activists has already contributed greatly to a lot of the negative plans of the elite not unfolding as planned. Despite unceasing efforts, the great depopulation is not happening. Chemtrails have become largely ineffective in disseminating disease and misery.

Yes they are still spraying in some parts of the world, (I haven't seen a single chemtrail over my house in years and I live a few kms from the busiest airport in Africa, but yeah, they're still trying) but in our opinion it's more "for show" than anything else and in order to keep the fear levels up in the growing segment of half awakened populace they so desperately try to prevent from fully waking up.

Fully awakening means to lose your fear of course and see the "mighty adversary" with clear eyes: A sorry bunch of old men ruled by fear and greed, rather in need of some healing energy to allow them to release the grip of their bony hands on the fate of this planet and let go...

The "New World Order" of the old parasitic occult elites is a spent force. Outwardly still powerful, (it can and does still kill people on a large scale and is even becoming more frantic) but spiritually bankrupt and without any attractive ideas for the future of mankind. It is now our time to build the new and alive future, rather bypassing than confronting the old controlling structures. (Sorry guys, we cannot even give you the satisfaction of a fight. But we will protect ourselves against your deadly assaults and counteract them peacefully but decisively wherever necessary)

The old paradigm is based on fear and subsequently the need to control. The new paradigm is based on trust in the creative force of the universe, the self regulating constructive Orgone Energy.It's entropy (old paradigm) vs. disentropy (new paradigm). It's the animated conscious web of light as so beautifully portrayed in the Avatar movie vs. the smoke belching machines of destruction


Happy soals floating in a sea of orgone

Avatar: The web of light (there are beter pictures in the movie but I didn't find them at short notice)



Machines of destruction

Machines of destruction: The paradigm of entropic science

It's the greening of deserts and creation of abundance and happiness vs. the desolation of bombed out cities contaminated with depleted uranium and populated by a traumatised cancer riddled population.

We have the choice and we can make the Breakthrough happen!

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