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Global warming is just so not happening

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

Is it the orgonite that stopped it?

The global warmists must be desperate. They should have had their conference in Nairobi where their electromagnetic weather warfare apparently still works (Kenya suffers drought at present and our orgonite activist friends there are constanty beein harassed by the "authorities") or in the Gobi desert. No wonder nobody wanted to agree to massive self sacrificial agreements while stumbling through the snow and ice in Copenhagen. I mean after all, some politicians may still have a human side, ecven if it's mostly "human weakness" that we hear about.

While Europe, Asia and North America are having their coldest winters in a long time, I love to add my own observations to round the picture:

  • Record rainfalls in the Kalahari, (so called semi desert, now surprisingly lush)
  • Generally rather cold weather for summer, lots of rain everywhere except for a little pocket in the Southern Cape where the rougue military apparently still succesfully operates an atmospheric heater. (not for long I promise sincerely)
  • The predicted (=planned) drought for Limpopo Province  fell through, or rather got swamped


Thats how winter should look like - never mind the traffic chaos...

That's how winter should look like - never mind the traffic chaos..."

Why am I rambling on and on about this global warming?

Because it's so dear to "their" heart. At latest since the emergence of young David De Rothschild on the "cool and happening" Eco circuit, the most gullible of us should have grasped that Golbal Warming is elite agenda.


David De Rothschild Eco Activist with an illustrious background

David De Rothschild "Eco Activist" with an "illustrious" background

Just watch it. The Illus can only push a few agendae at the same time because it takes so long until public opinion is soaked with it sufficiently for tem to swing their intended policy shifts.

So at the monent we have the following major campaigns (all based on lies) running:

  • Gobal warming - the planet is going bonkers and we have to all submit to global control. Last but not least: live in fear!
  • AIDS is a communicable disease, spreading by sexual intercourse and the cure for that is toxic ARVs (more fear and targeted population culling with toxic drugs and absurd health regimens)
  • We have an energy crisis. Oil is running out etc. =more fear. (Truth is we could all have an extarnal harddrive sized magnetic free energy generator on our desktop that would make enough electricity for a whole house with all appliences)
  • We have an economic crisis and we must all make do with less (fact is we only have a fraudulent debt based monetary system, a legal pyramid sche,me that is reaching it's sell by date. Abundance is our natural state as productive and creative humans)

Why am I hammering this into you again and again?

So that you stop being afraid and start looking forward o the great future that awaits a self liberated humankind.

Orgonite is only one part of that liberation but an important one.

Welcome in 2010!



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