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Happy New Year

By Shopify API  •   1 minute read

Dear Friends and customers,

we wish you a fantastic start into the New Year!

Hopefully a lot of the tensions that have been brewing worldwide will be relieved in this year. 
I've got this weird feeling that the worst may be behind us. 

Our Johannesburg team is now on holiday until Monday 15 January in the New Year. So all shipments for customers outside Europe, where Katharina has her own distribution point, will only go out after that. Katharina will continue packing parcels as normal. 

In return for this inconvenience and in order to keep our business going over the holiday, we've invented the trick of the diminishing discount.  

In short: The longer you are willing to wait, the better the discount for you. 

Today it is still a very substantial 29.5% that will be deducted from your orgonite and zapper shopping cart. Tomorrow it will be 28% and so on, every day 1.5% less.  

New Year's eve Specials

So, you can start into the new Year with a substantial boost of positive energy for your environment. 

Have a great New Year!

Georg and the Orgonise Africa team

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