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Lies-Lies-Lies: The 3 pillars of the present NWO campaign

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

It appears to me that in the present desperate push for "one world government" by the powers that be, 3 beliefs are presently being promoted on all channels:

1. HIV / AIDS: The theory comprising the existence of an HIV/AIDS epidemic, that can somehow be stopped by administering toxic antiretrovirals, although everybody knows that they cure nothing.

2. Global Warming: The theory that man made green house gases are responsible for extreme climate changes and not the various deep dark military organisations' weather modification programmes + natural changes in the sun's radiation (sun spots) and other cosmic influences. Hence we need global governement in order to coordinate and enforce efforts to turn the tide before it is to late...

3. Peak Oil: The theory that we are still dependent on oil to meet our energy needs and that oil is a "fossil" resource of finite availability.

I will try to prove that all three beliefs are false and show why their promotion is so important for the NWO-gang in their drive to establish the global corporate fascist superstate.


is showing more and more the characteristics aof a fanatically enforced belief system. The chorus of NGOs and other vested interests is becoming louder on a daily basis. At least here in Africa where the "Syndrome" also has very different qualities and affects very different segments of the population.

Apparently people are dying from a cocktail of opportunistic diseases, most prominently TB which are then all attributed to AIDS, but does this prove a point?

I am still earning blank stares when I ask "medical professionals" (I am not one of them) for that seminal paper where finally the causal link between the elusive virus HIV (nobody has ever isolated it or even seen it under a high resolution microscope. All the pictures we find are "Artist's impressions", in other words fantasy based computer simulations)

Much more likely is the undermining of the immune system through vaccination, increasingly bad diet and other undermining influences such as the bombardment with microwave radiation overlaid with a plethora of mind control frequencies.

In Africa, AIDS is biological warfare, waged with the aim of population control in the same sense that the word "pest control" is used.

This has been well documented by Dr. Len Horowitz in his monumental book "Emerging viruses - AIDS and Ebola" he names the contracts and the companies that were used to develop a selective poulation culling agent.

It is almost immaterial in this discussion wether the other line of dissidents, those that deny a causal link between HIV and "AIDS" is right, because -even if HIV is involved- the main pillar of present AIDS propaganda doesn't hold: The transmission of "whatever" by sexual intercourse.

Even by orthodox medicinal standards it is admitted that it would statistically take 1000- 10,000 instances of intercourse to infect someone with HIV.

How on earth they can say that an infection takes place with such a statisticall completey insignificant figure when allegedly 30-50% of for example South Africa's population are "infected" remains a miracle.

For a more in depth discussion of the manifold contradictions within the orthodox AIDS hypothesis, have a look at my older article "What we know about AIDS so far"

Why do the powers that be (TPTB) put so much steam behind a campaign that is obviously complete nonsense by their own scientific standards:

I see at least 2 motivations:

1. Cover up for the ongoing genocide induced by vaccines, electromagnetic weaponry and degradation of diet for the poor sectors of the population.

2. Behavior change. The 1970s were the apex of sexual liberation. AIDS was introduced in the late 70s, early 80s and I can remember the sudden scare it caused. Creating a vibration of fear is a common theme in all the NWOs actions. From 9-11 to AIDs it creates the same mindless fear that makes populations so malleable. Notice the "double bind" strategy in the so called "AIDS awareness campaigns".

(I refer to Love Life in South Africa" But I'm sure other countries have similar campaigns going)

Beautiful desirable bodies depicted in sexually attractive poses are combined with prohibitive messages like "Sex - worth waiting for".

Double bind is a proven mind control technique whereby an impulse of desire is combigned with a punishing signal. This creates the ground for reinforcing programming structures of trauma based mindcontrol or even generate the atmosphere where such programming can take place.

The more complete the bombardment with messages like this, the more the programming takes hold.

Never has the amount of sexual stimuli been so overwhelming while at the same time the message of the dangers of sex and the call for abstinence are being toutet in parallel.

I repeat again, AIDS is not a pandemic, it's not contageous and it can be easily cured with any zapper on the market, clean living water and a proper nutricious diet.

See Zapper info for more

To be continued....

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