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Are you feeling financially abundant?!

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Orgone Energy is nothing more than pure lifeforce energy. And Orgonite serves to harmonise, revitalise and amplify this energy which is inherent in everything. It brings movement into stagnant energy fields, but also acts as a carrier frequency for anything that is added to it, such as crystals, healing herbs – or thought.


Over time we have found that the addition of crystals, metals, symbols and herbs to the basic Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and quartz crystal is incredibly effective and offers a variety of benefits depending on the properties of the ingredients added. For example, shungite adds a strong protective benefit to the overall transformative value of the Orgonite. Orgonite acts like a carrier frequency for whatever else is added to it.


Because it is such a great energy amplifier, Orgonite isn’t just great for neutralising cellphone towrs or for protecting your home – it’s a fantastic aid in manifesting, visualising and meditation. This is why we recently created the Moneyfesting Orgonite range, which contains real money!


The Moneyfesting Orgonite will help you to take your manifestations of financial abundance to the next level, and if you’re completely new to any kind of manifesting and visualising practice, it will get you started on a strong foot.


Here are our best practices for how to get the most out of your Moneyfesting Orgonite:

1. Place a Moneyfesting Orgone Brick or HHG on any financially related papers on your desk, on any bills or invoices or tax returns. When you do this, focus on allowing the flow of Money to become effortless and easy!

2. Wear a Moneyfesting Orgone Pendant – especially when going into Money-related meetings or doing things related to your finances.

3. If you have a meditation practice, hold a Moneyfesting Brick while you meditate. If you’re new to meditation or struggle to meditate – there are SO many great guided meditations online, especially related to financial abundance or abundance in general. Put one of those on and hold your Moneyfesting Brick while doing the meditation. You can also use a meditation app (Headspace etc.) and simply hold the intention of breathing in and drawing in financial abundance while you meditate.

4. If you are feeling anxious or frustrated about Money, seeing how beautifully it combines with the Orgonite may help you to develop more of a positive focus towards it! Most of us grow up with many negative beliefs and patterns around this subject, and the transformative and vitalising effect of the Orgonite itself will help and support you in any work you are doing around changing beliefs and creating new habits.

5. Just having the Moneyfesting Orgonite around your home or workplace will already subtly influence your energy field and help you to attract more financial abundance into your life. So even if you’re not always actively using it, it will greatly benefit you!


We hope that these practices will help you create more financial abundance in your life. Money plays a big role in all of our lives, whether we’re happy about it or not, so it’s in all of our best interests to develop as positive a relationship with it as possible.


Our mission here has always been to inspire and empower people to take responsibility for their own lives. There are so many ways to do this, and for us Orgonite has catalysed profound change. We would of course love to hear about your experiences with these practices!


Until this Sunday (17th March), all of the Moneyfesting Orgonite range is discounted by 30%.

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Happy Moneyfesting!

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