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Operation Atlantic High

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

End of July the AMA-Wellness Center in Kortrijk, Belgium, asked us to organise a group order of 30 CB bases at cost price. As we were busy with the project, that grew to 42 CB bases, (They got their own cuper tubes and cut them themselves) more than 500 TBs und various other orgone tools.


The AMA-Wellness Center is connected with the Belgian Belfort-Group, an organisation that campaigns amongst other issues against forced vaccination, the Codex Alimentarius and Chemtrails.


We believe that Chemtrails are nowadays much more harmless than in the beginning of massive spraying, (see CBSwork's classical movie in this respect) when millions of people came down with respiratory diseases.


We, (the orgone movement in general) should unashamedly claim credit for defeating this nasty element of the dark side's population reduction strategy.


Most of the chemtrails now are white and look almost like water vapour while the original ones had a dirty yellow tinge. At that time (10-7 years ago) not many people even dared to acknowledge them.



Chemtrails are yesterday's news

Above the urban centres of Holland and Belgium the spraying is still quite hectic as Friederike confirmed just a few days ago when travelling to see her mother in Germany, routing via Amsterdam. Perhaps it's being used in order keep certain HAARP-like energy fields in place over the "staegically so important" Channel.


This is something you should all understand: Alll the secret weaponry stuff including all the weather modification programmes (ENMOD) and nuclear energy have one thing in common: They are associated with stagnant, dead energy, the same that Wilhelm Reich called "DOR". (Deadly Orgone) That means one simple thing: they become ineffective once we manage to change these energy fields either at origination (secret underground bases, cellphone towers, radar stations etc.) or target (general orgonisation of the atmosphere with CBswater giftingvortex opening a la Laozu) point.


Orgonite does this.


Wilhelm Reich already surmised that nuclear chain reactions (the most destructive release of DOR so far engineered by man) can only happen in a sufficiently negative energy field. It is possible that strongly gifting the water intake of commercial nuclear plants brings the reaction to a halt. Apparently, there are thousands more nuclear reactors out there than officially acknowledged. The technology for compact nukes has been developed more than 40 years ago and is widely known from the nuclear submarines that Russia, the US and various other countries have been operating for decades. They power all kinds of secret weaponry. Mostly they betray their undergound presence by a small pond with very foul and stagnant looking water. If your see one of these ponds, toss a TB in or two. You can't go wrong with that even if you will never get confimation of the hidden nuke.


So what I'm trying to say is:Thinking of orgonite solely as a means to break up chemtrails means not getting the whole picture.


The true meaning of all this is to change the general energy field and thereby positively affect all life on this planet with as yet unfathomable positive results on the consciousness (consciousness and energy are the same on the deeper level of understanding) level. At the same time we're disabling the catastrophic agenda of our sick and power hungry elites piece by piece.


Their plans for our future:(just a recapitulation, in case you don't remember)

  1. Population reduction to anything from 70 - 500 million people (the main goal)
  2. War between Muslims and the Western World (formerly known as "Christianity")
  3. War over water (hence all the drought creating ENMOD stuff they use)
  4. Establish total control over "stupid and emotional" populace. (That's us, they refer to us as "cattle")

The Global Warming narrative, terrorism, the alleged AIDS pandemicpeak oil and the financial crisis and all the other stuff are just substories to the ones listed above. They are mostly used in order to attune the population to the new "fascism light" of the 21st century. Or call it the age of "technotronic control". (Zbigniew Brzezinski, security advisor of presidents Carter and Obama, the "democratic Kissinger")


I'm sure, most of you are familiar with the general outlines of this picture. I just wanted to bring it back to illustrate what we are up against. A lot of people have read a few "conspiracy books" but put the knowledge to rest again because its so difficult to live with such knowledge when you feel powerless against a seemingly almighty foe.


But we are not powerless.

Orgonite is the stone in David's sling in his seemingly doomed confrontation with Goliath. (you remember who won that one, eh?)

This is what we have seen happen as a result of our far and wide reaching orgone expeditions:


A general brightening of the field on all levels. That includes increased rainfall in arid zones to the point of virtual desert greening, a general feeling of optimism and "can do", reduction in crime and many other subtle effects that will always be difficult to prove to sceptics but that we can clearly perceive, apart from the obvious increase in vitality, so aptly demonstrated by plantgrowth experiments with orgonite all over the world.


How nice to know then that 42 CBs and over 500 TBs went to work in Belgium and Holland with a bang in order to clear the skies over the channel. Of course they are not the first ones in the region, but an addition of 42 should give the whole situation a big boost. I can virtually feel the air bristling with energy now.

Oh the lovely orgone energy...


And it will become more...


TV was also there

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