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Orgonite @ work

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

I want to tell you a story from the early days of our orgone journey:

A friend of mine, let's call him John B., was working for a big IT company in Johannesburg in a large open plan office. I visited him there one day and noticed the particularly drab and depressing atmosphere.

Everybody was slouching along as if they were carrying a ton of bricks on their shoulders. And to make things worse, the place was painted in drab beiges and browns and so was the furniture.

That's when our plan of action was spointaneously agreed.

A few days later I came back during their lunch break (pathetic how there were al dragging their feet and bending their shoulders and necks on their way to lunch..) and we got busy:

Removing some panels of the access flooring, we placed some simple TBs between all those cables.

Then we went to the server room and hid a few more goodies between those racks.

All in all, if I remember correctly, not more than 10 TBs and maybe 1 or 2 HHGs (I always use those slightly chipped ones that I can't sell to you, but they still work absolutely fine)

A few weeks later I came by for another visit and I thought it cannot be the same place:

They had changed the colour scheme (total coincidence of course) to one of happy "easter egg" pastel colours and everybody was walking with a spring in their step suddenly. The whole feel was so positive!

Now I know, this is totally anecdotal and probably "proves nothing" for a sceptic.

But if you want to appreciate the changes effected by orgonite you have to get that feel for seeming coincidences that are not stringently causal, but always seem to happen. That's why orgonite has a long way to go before it will be mainstram and in every household and workplace as it should.

The general tendency is that apart from harmonising the thick clouds of electromagnetic smog, orgonite just generally uplifts the life energy (orgone) level at any given place, even if quite randomly deployed.

This in turn makes people cooperate so much better. How much energy goes into infighting, mobbing, intrigue and malicious under-the-table-wrestling in a typical office environment?

Orgonite seems to take the urgency out of these tense environments.

But of course the benefits are not limited to office environments. Same applies to any factory or workshop.

And what would be the right strategy to start with?

FIrst of all, don't stress. Everything helps. If you're an employee and a little bit shy about this and don't want to be caught hiding strange things in the workplace, just get yourself a nice little pyramid that makes a great paperweight on your table. But on your way to work, you could hide a few TB Dirty Harry in some bushes nearby.

If you have full access because it's your company and you want a happier more productive environment, don't hold back. Surround the place with Dirty Harries outside, hammer a few earth pipes and sprinkle some nice Muti HHGs, Gold and Lapis pyramids and the like all over the place. Don't forget those access floorings, server rooms and wifi antennas. For these inside jobs the Slick Jim variety of TBs is ideal, or if the radiation of one or the other device is particularly strong, attach a smart meter shield. They are also powerful for wifi and related sources of emf.

I wish you a happy working day and many more to follow.

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