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Rounding the 2 stormy capes

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Jan 18, 2008 

Gifting a continent with orgonite piece by piece is a lot of work. Rewarding work though. We've been back from our latest outing where we surrounded the Southermoust point of Africa (Cape Agulhas) and the Cape of Good Hope with a string of orgonite gifts at 1 km intervalls.

About 800 km have now be done by boat in this fashion and the results are stunning.

It's raining everywhere!

From the Zamezi down to the Cape.

Our earlier expedition to the Zambezi is showing profound changes up there as well, affecting Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

I am  very excited about this water gifting project now that it has gained a certain scale and momentum.

(I love large scale gifing projects as you may have noticed)

I think the next big thing will be a return to the mighty Zambezi River, this time the lower parts in Mozambique, including the Cohora Bassa Dam. If you are interested in participating in this true adventure, please let me know.

Time frame would be approximately from 26 March - 16 April this year.

We got very wet and cold again in our little boat at winds up to 40 knots, but the rounding of Cape Agulh as and the Cape Point near Cape Town was calm and peaceful. So we did not join the list of wrecks that are shown everywhere on the naval charts dotting those coastal waters

The Coast from Knysna to Cape Town Busted

The busted coast from Knysna to Cape Town.

The detailed report is in the make of course, so watch this space.

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