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SARS didn't fly so now "drug resistant TB at new high"

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read


Did you notice that the New-World-Odour gang just loves epidemic outbreaks? Apart from serving their all time favourite population control obsession, epidemic outbreaks have so many lovely fringe benefits...

You can further limit and restrict people's freedom. Oh, how I can see them salivating over the PR fallout of an incurable version of TB. "Quarantine!" They will cry and hunt down fugitive TB patients who wish to escape the horrible treatments with nationwide police hunts.

We have seen the bizarre energy behind these fake epidemics when piles of carcasses of cattle and sheep were incinerated by government-rogues, comically masqueraded in space suits while the unhappy former owners of the poor animals were in some cases detained on their farms for 3 weeks, held there at gunpoint.

Of course, we know that most animals recover from foot and mouth without lasting damage and that it doesn't even affect the meat at all. Bizarre, eh? No, it's not bizarre it's systematic.

Remember Bird Flu? That was the last PR attempt to cull massive amounts of poultry and probably reorganise a few countries’ agriculture into something more amenable to the corporate cronies of the NWO gang. (Tyson Food, closely associated with the Clinton family, profited greatly from the wipeout of a few countries’ poultry populations due to a similar scare) All these plots always work on multiple levels.

As for the MDRTB, whatever it is, (my suggestions: chemical warfare, a new component in the chemtrails or vaccination outrage programmes or genuine resistance because of the rampant overuse of antibiotics) I would personally always feel confident to just put on a zapper, eat healthy and vitamin rich food and sweat it out. However, that’s I and I’m not allowed to make medical recommendations. But I surely can tell you what choice I would make.

In the meantime, the propagandistic witch-hunt is just gaining momentum. Let’s see if it collapses as fast as SARS and Bird Flu did.

In the meantime let’s put out more orgonite and blast* the snot out of the criminal perpetrators of these devious schemes.

Orgonite helps to create an energetic environment in which lies cannot be as easily spread as in the past.

If you have a chance to bust WHO headquarters or any other of the unsavoury agencies, please do! TBs with Lapis Lazuli apparently help to bring about truth


*Blasting is a technique of etheric energy sending, best described here

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