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Shungite - the new Miracle Stone?

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Many people consider Shungite a miracle stone. It is actually something like highly compressed coal, with a carbon content from 30-98%, depending on the grade of purity.
In a way, Shungite on it's own acts a lot like orgonite. In Russia we saw small shungite pellets with double sided tape being sold as cellphone emf protectors. Also in Russia, people are mixing shungite powder into house paint in oder to achieve EMF protection.
Shungite is being offered polished in all kinds of shapes and as raw stones.

Typical benefits associated with Shungite:

  • Generally stimulating and revitalising
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Absorbs bad EMF and geopathic stress radiation
  • Improves mineral metabolism
  • Cleans and energises water
  • Furthers healthy plant growth and improves yields
  • Improves emotional balance and positive, happy outlook


My beloved shungite egg from Lake Onega, Russia. I bought it in an ordinary souvenir shop on Kishi museum island together with some raw shungite and a shungite cellphone EMF chip.


Raw shungite: ideal for water cleansing or (in crushed form) for orgonite!


Pristine waters of Karelia - constantly recharged by all the Shungite in the ground?



No wonder we felt compelled to mix this wonder stone into our orgonite. It's now in all our mini- and maxishield cellphone protectors.
We always wanted to make a black series of orgonite,
So this is it: Shungite and silver!


Our "Shungonite" collection as of today. A Shungonite Egg is in preparation. This stuff is powerful!

You will be pleased to hear that we have just put our shungite orgonites on Special. All of them are 20% reduced today and actually until the end of the month. Also the Springtime Special still comes on top of that with 11% general discount for all Orgonite and Zapper orders coming off tonight (12% tomorrow)
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