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It's end times, baby!

By Shopify API  •   10 minute read

I haven't blogged in a while, to my own detriment, I guess. "Publish or perish" is the accepted wisdom in the industry. And why? Nothing going through my head lately? No, quite the opposite. I often wonder if what I think is of any interest to anyone. That's an inhibiting thought of course. Probably I'm a bit too shy. Or maybe I have this very high ambition that everything I say should be "words of wisdom". Let's accept then that it's just my Ramblings and Musings. As prone to error of judgement as anybody else's. Lots of stuff been going on. All painted in ENDTIME FORMAT on the large canvas.

  • Fukushima, OK I wrote about that.
  • Fake revolutions in Northern Africa? I posted about it on Facebook.
  • Bombing Gaddhafi in order to "protect civilians" and thereby taking the world's cheapest oil off stream for a while. I didn't..
  • All FIAT currencies crashing down with some mighty noise.


Fukushima was fake, one way or the other. Covert war fare with powerful ENMOD weaponry is the order of the day. Pretty much all earth quakes and Tsunamis that happened in the last few years were ENMOD. Bali, Chile, Haiti all engineered, man-made events. Get used to the picture!

Fake social revolutions in North Africa

Just like the fake demos in Iran (cost the CIA 400 Mio USD to orchestrate and lead to nothing) it's all induced. One ugly Mubarak is replaced by a military junta of equally ugly generals. The US has several underground military bases under Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They will not let this slip from their firm grip as long as they can still grip. (Military might costs money) They're just allowing populations to let off some steam. Have you heard anything about Tunisia lately? Right, these fake revolutions are not news any more because they have served their purpose! The purpose of providing a smoke screen for the destruction of Libya, one of the most successful African States.

Hammering Libya

Al Queida (Speak "al CIA-duh") and the "Islamic Brotherhood" have been tools of the Empire since WW I, when Laurence of Arabia cultivated them to destabilise the Ottoman Empire, then allied with Germany. Doesn't matter they burn American flags. Their radical text books have been printed in Langley, Virginia if not physical then least in spirit. If you want to wage perpetual war on all people, you need to cultivate an enemy. What better enemy than some scraggly looking towelheads with rugged carbines and fierce miens posing on pick up trucks with heavy machine guns mounted. Oh, I forgot this time the towelheads are on our side! They are in fact peaceful demonstrators. How do we protect them? By giving them close air support in their battle against the only independent government in Africa that had created unmatched prosperity for it's people and was about to show the Empire a strong middle finger by creating a gold backed currency, the Libyan Gold Dinar while all fake paper currencies around us are tumbling as we speak. So, these scenarios are connected. Few people in the West are aware that Libya scored the highest human development index in all Africa according to UNESCO just prior to the beginning of the bombing. America and with her "The West" or call it the IMF/BIS/FED Money cartell are fighting for the survival of their power to scam billions of earthlings out of the fruits of their labour. Another great way to protect civilians is to bomb their hospitals, eletricity supply, TV stations etc. The latter is particulary advisable because TV stations could in fact endanger civilians by disseminating "Gaddhafist Propaganda" or is it actually the truth? Any break out from the system that would be tolerated can immediately destroy this house of cards. There are only very few countries left that are not yet integrated into the global money scam and they are all branded rogue states in a way. Guess who is among them: Iran (targeted for military strike any time soon), Syria (being destabilised Libya style), Libya itself of course, China, North Korea. There may be 1-3 more but they don't come to mind.

The end of FIAT money?

Most people think their "Reserve Bank" or central bank is a state institution. This is not true. The FED is privately owned and the share holders at founding date were publicly known. They are the international bankers, Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Kuhn & Loeb, Warburg and aligned interests. These are lending non existant** money to the US government and for this the US government pays them interest. In other countries it is similar. The fact that for example the South African Reserve Bank is privately owned is well publicised due to several late scandals where minority shareholders were throwing spanners into the wheels by making controversial demands at general meetings... When anyone questions this ridiculous system they are reminded of the importance of the "independance" of central banks from political pressure. All money in circulation is created as debt. The private banks as licensees of the respective central bank are issuing new funds when someone takes out a loan. There is no other way money comes into existance. Most people think private banks have to borrow money from the "state owned" Central bank and lend it on at higher interest rates. That is a myth. They create it out of thin air under so called fractional reserve rules. Abstraclty that money is somewhat covered by the collateral to these loans. One can say banks are a machine to turn collateral (real things like houses or cars, enterprises, machines, livelihoods, whole countries, forests, oceans, populations, whatever, you name it we collateralise it) into money. Funny only that not the owner of the collateral gets the interest but a facilitator who has done nothing to grow the material side of things.

In a way this is an ingenious scheme though.Let's not be moralistic or emotional about it. It has helped us to create an unprecedented productive apparatus on this planet. Gigantic. But it has an inbuilt choking mechanism, and that's the one that's coming to bear at this time: All money that is issued has to be repaid at interest. This can only be sustained as long as the cake constantly grows. Many of the early green protest movement in the seventies have asked the legitimate question: why do we need constant economic growth, whereby we gobble up more and more resources and destroy more and more of our natural habitat? Good question. It's the money system. It only works as long as the cake constantly grows. So the beautifully naive idea that there could be an enough is just ignorant of the nature of this metaparasite. The other thing: The metaparasite naturally concentrates all wealth into the hands of those who issue currency and those directly aligned to do it's bidding. Hence the growth of "financial industries" and the crunch on productive enterprises. Those that actually make things find it harder and harder to survive and that despite the fact that we have more and more efficient tools and can produce things with a fraction of the manpower required in previous centuries. In a natural system prosperity would have to increase in parallel with productivity. It should be boundless. We would have to work very little for our survival and could bestow our energies to the beautification of this world and the cultivation of our beautiful souls. This cycle of FIAT money creation is now coming to an end as it inevitably must. It's been a long ride, relatively spoken, but all fiat money systems apparently implode sooner or later. Too bad this is causing so much hardship and frictzion on the planet. there may be many bankruptcies, joblessness, maybe hunger crises in many parts of the world. Mor poupular uprisings, possibly brutally surpressed. It certainly cannot go on like this. The "souvereign debt crisis" in Euroland and the virtual collapse of the US-dollar are only the telltale signs of the end of this round of expansion.

What then?

We should acknowledge that we have all been part of bringing this scheme into existence with our aspirations and our greed. We have created and nourished the parasite. We could also un-create it. It's like getting off drugs. A lot of intelligent and alternative minded people who understand the global money scam, advocate the return to a gold standard. This has one advantage: it replaces the debt issued fake currency with a measure of value that has some reality. Any barter system would work in that sense. Successful economies have been based on bales of cotton, bushels of wheat or bundles of tobacco. However, the means to trade would inevitably be found in the hands of those who were at the top of the heap for the last few centuries and probably descend from the rulers of millenia before. The catholic church, a very dark shadow force in this game, alone has probably over 40% of the gold on this planet. Imagine another way that could be created into reality if enough of us understood and wished it into existence:

Public Banking

Public banking means that the state as the representant of We the People re-takes the right to issue currency exclusively. Why should it not? If we want it so, we could elect people who make it happen. What does that mean: The state (all states on their own if they like) can declare this at any moment. Nobody but the state shall have the right to issue currency. It's actually in the US constitution but that piece of paper was effectively suspended in 1933 when the US went technically bankrupt. The state (We the People) could just issue currency and use it to fund public expenditures, thereby bringing money into circulation without incurring debt and without any need for taxation. At the same time it can create useful infrastructure that way. Total issuance of currency hast be be in line with growing productive capabilities, otherwise it creates inflation. That's something everyone has understood now. But instead of leaving this inflation management to the abacadabra of Central Bank gobbledygook, one could just as well have constant public debate about the needs of a country without giving the power to expand or choke our economic activity to the banksters. After all, a currency is nothing more than a standard of exchange that We the People can create and define as we wish. Why stress about it? Nobody has to be disinherited, no existing contracts have to be cancelled in order to usher in such a system. The Rockies can have their EXXON, the queens of UK and NL can keep BP and Shell and the Rotschilds can hang on to their stuff. I have no problem with that. They might just find it's also fun to participate in rebuilding this world in a productive way. Enjoy setting people free rather than keeping them in chains. But the state could stop protecting the oil interests by financing the free energy break through instead of more nuclear power or cumbersome and innefficient renewable enegy options. Sorry Rocky, but oil is for plastics and lubricants, not for burning. It could be made illegal to withhold free energy patents from the public as the cartel has been doing since Tesla's days and probably earlier. Why not make that "a crime against humanity".. Nobody has to be expropriated. Only the rules are changed for the future. So, the table tilts in the other direction now. Towards the productive people who make something that is worth something. The pressure is off the kettle. Nobody needs to bomb another country any more in order to keep his fake financial system from collapsing. That's just one of the many ways We the People can decide to have a different future from the one apparently mapped out for us by our control obsessed elites. When I went to school we learned that the People are the Souvereign of any democratic country and all power emanates from the People. The rest is then secondary, including all the laws ever written. We can re-write them.

Thanks to my teachers

I really have to thank my teachers, because I learnt a few very useful things at school. I guess, in hindsight, the 1970s were probably one of the freest periods in history (in the "West" at least). The other great thing they taught us was in physics: Namely, that all presently accepted science is just a theory and has to be revised if evidence to the contrary emerges. Today we often find defenders of the outlived mechanistic worldview say: "This and this cannot be because it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics" or something to that effect. What if the Law contradicts reality? Scrap it! ok nuff now... (Comments invited!)

*The acronym NWO is commonly translated as "New World Order" Don Croft spells it "New World Odor", "New World Odour" in British English then... **The fake currency US-dollar is issued by the FED against federal debt such as government bonds, "medium term notes" or other "securitized" undertakings to pay back money with interest. The FED buys these papers with money that did not previously exist. The money comes into existence by being lent to the government. Then, why should the government not just create this money out of it's sleeve without paying interest to the gangsters? I mean pleeese!

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