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World AIDS scam day

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

Let us celebrate the apparent worldwide triumph of the lie! All dissidents have been silenced, at least cut off from any meaningful interaction with larger society.


The late but almost complete triumph of "big brother" a la George Orwell.


And those that know better shut up as they know the consequences of airing dissident views.


The brutal and physical attack on Tina v/d Maas just 4 days "before the great day" is the very significant.


If you haven't really read up on what's wrong with the ruling AIDS paradigm, get yourself the must-read books on the matter "Inventing the AIDS Virus" by Dr. Peter Duesberg and "Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola"  by Dr. Len Horowitz.


I also recommend that you read Tina's website and make a donation to her asap. If you have a used laptop that you can spare, send it to her. Any type of suport is welcome.


Her website is


In typical fashion she hasn't even got a donation button on her website. She completely lacks any monetary instincts to the point of total self sacrifice.


This woman alone has proven the whole AIDS circus wrong and she is made to suffer for that.


If you need to read up on the generally known dissident arguments against the AIDS ortodoxy, good old is still a starting point.


AIDS is a massive exercise in genocide camouflaged as "humanitarian effort" and orchestrated with an unprecedented campaign of synchronised brainwashing on all levels of society. But the orthodoxy has so far failed to bring proof for her shameless assertion that toxic ARVs are "life prolonging".


The last inside info we got was that 15% of people who STAY on ARVs are dead within 6 month. Not astonishingly the dropout rate in ARV programmes is something like 25% per year. by death, discontinuing the programme or simly dissappearing, falling out of the statistics.


The thicket of lies seems impenetrable and yet the orthodox mainstream side is audibly mum when it coems to anything that could be called "proof" of their allegations that lead to far reaching poloicies with abrpgation of human rights being the fist domino to fall.


If you look at it you will se that "The Global AIDS Pandemic", "Global Warming" and the manufactured "ENERGY CRISIS" are all sides of the same coin.


Endtime panic, more control, result: Global fascism at the behest of the global corporation(s)


Nuff for today, couldn't let this great date pass without comment although I have not much new to say.


If yo are aware of any organistations involved in propagating the officoal version of the AIDS stor, big pharmaceuticals, NGOs, pseudo-activists like the South African TAC, ringfence them with orgonite. Best would be Lapis Lazuli TBs for bringing the truth to the forefront.


We have to stop this before it kills us.



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