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Wound Healing by Zapper

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read


Zappers are not only good for ridding the body of parasites and bacteria. I recently cut my left thumb on the knuckle to the bone while sawing wood (just stop sawing when you are really tired...the tired mind is not as careful). I do not like the effect antibiotics have on my body and I don't have full health cover so going in for stitches and the whole normal medical scenario would have been an expensive proposition (a similar depth/size wound on my palm a few years ago required 3 stitches).


So I decided to try healing it myself while monitoring closely for infection. I washed the wound with colloidal silver (made by using the colloidal silver attachment on the orgone zapper, silver is seriously antimicrobial). I then held the orgone zapper in my hand near the wound, as soon as I switched the zapper on I felt the throbbing ease and the pain reduce.

colloidal silver attachement


Day One

The day after I cut my thumb, the edges were pushed together so it was hard to see how deep it was but it was through to the bone. Whenever I felt the telltale heat and throbbing of infection I would immediately hold the zapper in my hand. At the Grahamstown festival in 2007 I cut my right thumb a little lower down (on the lower joint) and it took AGES to heal and got infected even though I was using a Hulda Clark style zapper on it...It is my opinion that the orgonite in the zapper greatly accelerated the healing process. I have also had mosquito and spider bites disappear within minutes of using a zapper on them.


Day Three

Here there was a very slight localised infection and the wound was quite wet from the dressing. I washed it again with the silver.


Day Six


A little blurry but the wound has actually knitted together at this stage with the surface still being a little wet. I washed it with colloidal silver again then left the plaster off after this and pretty much stopped using the zapper or silver as the woundhardly bothered me any more.


 Day Ten

Almost totally healed with a slight scab I think the scar will be minor. I was amazed at how much quicker this healed than the similar wound on my right thumb. I attribute it to regular use of the orgone zapper and washing with silver in the early stages of healing.



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