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What to do about the new 5G towers

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Do we need a different approach to the new 5G towers?

The difference between previous 4G and 5G is twofold:
Higher frequency and higher power.

The frequency is not really the problem, but because higher frequency has less penetration through house walls and other obstacles, they put more small repeater towers and increase the power.

So, of course all these new towers need to be gifted. One Dirty Harry Towerbuster per new tower is enough - the Busters can be up to 500m away from the tower, of course the closer the better, especially in highly urbanized areas.This will take care of the DOR produced by these new towers.

However, the sheer electrical radiation power can still have a negative effect that the Orgonite cannot address.

That’s always been the case: The Orgonite does not diminish the power of the signal measured in Watt/cm2. So the direct effect of that is still there, namely heating of water molecules by microwave radiation.

That is only a problem at very high power densities and close to the transmitter.

The orgonite has always only addressed the effect of the radiation on the ether. That will still work with 5G just the same.

For any new towers in my immediate surroundings, I would prefer the shungite busters, as they contain silver and shungite, as well as some black tourmaline, all of which are very effective against EMF radiation. The silver has an additional cleansing effect on the energy field.

As always, Dirty Harry Towerbusters are completely sufficient for good ground coverage and gifting many towers, but if you're very worried about the effects, use somethign stronger on the towers close to your home.



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