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Can you measure Orgone?

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

It is difficult to quantify the ether state that we also address as positive (flowing) or negative (stagnant) Orgone energy.
Wilhelm Reich tried it and so does a guy in Canada who makes a “life energy meter” (www.heliognosis,com)
All these methods have one thing in common, they measure some physical values and try to infer back to the state of the ether. (zero point or vacuum energy)
I doubt that this is always meaningful.
The effects of Orgonite are much better observed in their effects on the sky when gifting cellphone towers and in the effects on plant growth.
Please refer to these 2 pages for more info:
Blue hole forming after gifting powerful radar site in Tete, Mozambique for a compilation of typical effects of Orgone gifting.
Controlled plant growth experiment to demonstrate orgonite effects
The effect of orgonite on the microwave radiation of a cellphone (in the case of our cellphone protector) or cellphone tower is largely non-physical in the conventional sense.
That means you will not necessarily be able to measure a great difference in the pure power output of the radiation source. Otherwise you would loose signal of course.
So the orgonite does not surpress the primary signal, but it changes the effect of the hard radiation on the ether.
Sensitives who can see auras notice these effects directly.
An untreated cellphone tower is surrounded by a black aura that is in fact a toroidal field.
Once a little piece of orgonite is introduced into that field, (can be up to 500m or more and still be effective) the aura changes to a rainbow coloured one. The dark field is still emitted by the microwave panels, but now stays restricted to the immediate vicinity of those panels (just a few meters)
In other words, biological systems react strongly to changes in the etheric field and that includes our own perception when we are sufficiently sensitised. Animals react strongly and plants flourish in the presence of positive Orgone energy. But so does the sky which is a living system on its own.
We always see the change on our gifting tours. Beautifully articulated cumulus clouds are a sure sign of an orgonised sky whereas a “slimy”, 2-dimensional flat looking sky is a sign of stagnant energies.
Don't even ask me why and how Orgone dissolves chemtrails. But it does. Since none of us has been “up there” when it happens, we can only speculate.
Since there is no toxic residue being observed when this happens, we can only surmise that some kind of “alchemical” transmutation is happening.
We have to understand that the idea of Orgone implies a different understanding of natural forces than our traditional mechanistic world view.
Isaac newton
Isaac Newton *1643 †1727
This old world view is based on the Newtonian physics from the 17th and 18th century.
Orgone energy is another word for the ether of old.
Interestingly the ether is having a big come back in theoretical physics.
All scientific models are highly speculative attempts to understand what’s really happening in the universe.
They serve us as long as they allow us to predict occurrences in the physical world with some reliability.
Whenever old models hit their boundaries in the past, new models were developed that included the older models as a special case. This was necessary to integrate new observations in astrophysics and on the subatomic level into a functioning world view.
That’s how we have quantum physics and relativity, but still allow Newtonian Physics for the calculation of simple mechanical tools. It has become embedded Ito the bigger picture as a special application.
With that humility in the back of your mind you can see many similarities between Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone theory and modern Ether concepts.
Our understanding is evolving constantly. (to be continued)
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