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5g Equalizer against EMF overload

By Georg Ritschl  •   1 minute read

5g Equalizer against EMF overload

Orgonite with added punch to meet new 5g challenge

I want you to meet the 5g Equalizer: A tower buster especially formulated to counter 5g in your environment.
In principle 5g is not a totally new threat. From an orgone point of view it's just more microwave radiation creating more DOR. (Deadly Orgone Radiation)
It's real danger lies in its ubiquitousness.
In order to realise the internet of things (or the total Orwellian nightmare of  hypersurveillance) transmitters are being placed almost everywhere in populated areas.
The higher frequency is not necessarily more dangerous as such, but means that the signal is less penetrating through walls. Therefore more transmitters and higher powers are needed.
So we need to up our power on the defense as well.

Latest product innovation from Orgonise Africa: The 5g Equalizer


A saucerful of secrets? Powerful minerals to add to the orgonite's strength

The main mineral ingredient next to the standard orgonite mix with quartz crystal is galenite, a heavy crystal of lead sulfate and about 2% silver. Galenite is highly radiation absorbing. Remember the lead aprons the nurses or doctors wear when taking your x-ray? 

Further added minerals:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Shungite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Malachite
  • Jet
  • Iron oxide based crystals from Kuruman 

All this provides a highly potent protection from 5g and other, similar sources of microwave radiation.




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