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On the road again

By Georg Ritschl  •   1 minute read

On the road again
I told you about the ongoing drought in the Karoo before. It's a gigantic area of a size bigger than all of Germany or the UK. Even in it's normal state it is an arid zone or semi desert with typically 2-300 mm rainfall per year. But last year it was practically zero.  
Looking at the parched Karoo from Lootsberg-Pass

We recently received 2 sponsorships for cloudbusters and finally we had an opportunity to deploy them.

The 2 red dots are newly deployed CBs. The red flags indicate CBs that have been around for a while already. 
It is difficult to say how many more CBs are necessary in order to achieve a turnaround. The darkened area still has no CBs at all (although we did quite a bit of gifting there as well)  
So we need to keep at it! 
You can support us with a CB Sponsorship or any number of TBs for Africa.
Of course every purchase on Orgonise Africa also helps us in continuing with this work. 

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You will find updates to our Karoo project in our expedition reports.

kind regards

Friederike, Georg and the Orgonise Africa team
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