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OMG it's that day again: 9-11

By Shopify API  •   7 minute read

In the years 1998 - 2001 I had started reading widely about how the world really works.

Starting with the financial system, I had started peeling layer upon layer from the official version of reality.

By the time "it" happened I was well familiar with ideas like "false flag", "totalitarian two step", "problem-reaction-solution' and so on. I also understood the concepts of trauma based mind control and knew about MK-Ultra and similar programs.

And yet I was completely shocked when "it" really happened. I was sitting in our living room which I remember as being quite cosy (we have since moved a few times) and watching something on TV.

Suddenly the program stopped and the announcement was made that some planes had hit the World Trade Center in New York.

A short video clip of a jet flying into one of the towers was shown. Then a second plane apparently hit and went right through the building. After a while they started showing this short clip alternatingly with the face of Osama Bin Laden, while saying all the time that they did not know it was him behind the attack, but some well informed circles in London suggested it anyways. (Does that remind you of the recent Skripal case? Its the same guys doing it)

These 2 clips were now being played for hours while the narrative was being solidified by constant repetition. It was certainly hypnotic and subliminally pornographic. The fast repetition of the "penetration" of the jet through the building had a clear sexual undertone.





A clip like this was constantly repeated on South African television, alternating with a still picture of Osama Bin Laden Valuable CIA asset from influential Saudi family: Osama helped the US to get the Soviets out of Afghanistan and was then singled out to have "masterminded 9-11". The Bin Ladens own a construction empire in Saudi Arabia that was involved with the construction of 5 nuclear-blast-hardened US underground bases in that country. Several family members were flown out of the US after all flights for "ordinary citizens" had been grounded.

There is no space here to repeat the whole 9-11 discussion and different theories on how it was done. Was it an underground nuke, an energy weapon, controlled demolition with thermite or what? We do no claim authority to to pass final judgement on any of these theories but we read all of them with great interest. Be that as it may: What is clear is that the official story doesn't pan out. ("which one?" one would have to ask because it's being changed all the time) Funny that the collapse of WTC building 7 was accidentally announced some 23 minutes before it actually happened and there was no plane, not even a holographic one to account for that.. 9-11 changed our world There have been false flags before of course and some of them had dramatic consequences. In recent history we had Pearl Harbour to get the US into WWII, the burning of the German Reichstag 1933 to consolidate Hitler's dictatorial power, The fake Polish attack on a border radio station in Gleiwitz 1939 to justify an attack on Poland and start WWII, the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident to start the Vietnam war, the non existing "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, the staged chemical attacks blamed on the Syrian government recently. So false. flags have been a ruse of war since time immemorial, but 9-11 had a different quality. It marks the end of the world as we knew it, a world where wars were still fought in a more or less recognisable fashion with identifiable enemies in uniforms with certain rules in place (even though these rules were often breached, but at least then one knew it was a breach of the rules and could then call it so called "war crimes") Now there are no more rules. There is no more truth. The "war on terror" while at the same time creating the very terrorists one professes to fight has opened a whole lawless can of worms from extrajudicial killings via drone strikes, limitless surveillance, complete override of national sovereignty, especially in the targeted nations, draconian laws like the "patriot act" which was curiously drafted and ready to be railroaded through the US-Congress at the moment the false flag was in. Endless detention without trial, secret kangaroo courts, "Homeland security", FEMA camps, endless proxy wars in the Middle East and other third world regions, where the same hand feeds the terrorists it then pretends to fight and destroys one potentially happy and strong secular Arab nation state after the other. All this was initiated and made possible by that one masterstroke 9-11. It didn't even matter that the act was executed in a clumsy fashion with lots of contradictions and glitches, so easy to detect. It didn't matter that large percentages of world population looked through the game and did not buy the story. Their voices are absorbed in the mind control fluff spewed out by the mass media, the corporate part of the internet, the increasingly censored "social media", the NLP engineered encroachment of "political correctness" on the hard won right of free speech. There are no more mass demonstrations, nobody actually understands who's fighting who. The perpetrators have learned to pose as the saviours. New hybrid wars are being fought "on humanitarian grounds". Millions of people have been massacred in proxy wars in Africa, Asia and the Middle East but to the untrained eyes of the masses it's random terror groups that are to blame. "Lords Resistance Army", "Boko Haram" , "Al Queda", "ISIS", "Daesh", "Tahrir al Sham" and so on forever. Who funds their 2000$/month mercenary pay when they destroy a country like Syria, who gives them the latest anti tank and anti aircraft munitions, who trains them, leads them into battle and gives them satellite intelligence, who buys the oil, the stolen antiquities and the child and sex slaves they extract from the victimised countries? You bet! All this has created a new reality and stifled the hope for a freer, happier and more prosperous world that had risen with the "fall of the iron curtain" and the official end of the East West conflict in the 1990s. Apparently the "elite" in their anti-human satanic beliefs are afraid of happy people, because happy people cannot be controlled. On a deeper level it is their own fear of loosing control, of submitting themselves to the eternal flow, (or if you wish to phrase it more in terms of traditional religiosity: "the will of god") that makes these people in power act so cruelly and destructively. Are they happy? No way! I am not a bible basher or in any organised way religious person, but this looks very much like the biblical end times to me. I could write another 5000 words about the medical world where disease is attacked with poison and radioactivity and no hope for healing is offered while those who can cure are hunted down and killed (more than 50 naturopathic doctors were murdered in the USA in the last few years which makes it a very dangerous profession) . It is bizarre. And even though we know it's all fake, it affects us because the whole world around us is organised on the pretence that the all lies are true, which forces us into a mode of "double think" or schizophrenic reality. It just makes life difficult and tiring, steals our energy and prevents us from building a different reality. So, looking back at biblical prophesy, how do we get out of it? Don Croft's favourite motto was: The meek are inheriting the world he put it into present tense, indicating that this is not happening in a distant future, but right now, as we speak. The orgonite movement (Don did not like that term and preferred "network") has been a "David vs Goliath" scenario from the beginning. With simple towerbusters we have learnt to disable trillion dollar worth of brain fog producing technology. Low cost, unorganised and therefore unstoppable, this movement exemplifies a new paradigm. Not asking for permission from authorities, taking responsibility for our environment and our own health, we quietly prevent a lot of the negative agenda from happening. We have found that gifting in war zones can end wars. The upliftment of energies is general and not limited to physical benefits. We can stop draughts and help nature to gain new vitality, increasing health for plants, animals and humans. But orgonite also helps people on a consciousness level. That's why we keep gifting the institutions of control and repression all over the world. And it works: The website keeps track of all the positive changes that are happening world wide, unacknowledged by the fear mongers, but they are happening and we think it's because of the massive proliferation of orgonite. To celebrate Don Croft's unique contribution to the liberation of humankind, we have created this memorial HHG. Half the proceeds of it's sales go to Carol Croft to help her cope with the aftermath of Don's untimely death. Forgive me when I end this mail with a commercial notice.

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