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In Memoriam Don Croft

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Don Started everything!

Without him there wouldn't be orgonite cloudbusters, HHGs, Tbs, Orgone zappers, SP-crystals or power wands. There would not be such a thing as an orgonite gifting network.
Most likely we'd still be swallowing unadulterated chemtrails and be hopelessly lost in a maze of DOR based electromagnetic mind control fog.
He was always extremely modest and humble, while keeping a very special sense of humour. He never became conceited about his role as the chief instigator of this whole thing that we call the orgonite network.
He didn't want to be seen as a “guru” or “leader” and to a point you were successful with that. There are now many people who make and use orgonite and barely know about him.

However, he was a leader, want it or not, because he was leading by example.

Integrity and truthfulness being the hallmarks of his character, he was not smooth or elegant but rather crunchy in his directness. I remember what he said about his "Neanderthal genes", imaginary or real. Definitely pre-Annunaki and 100% human.

Don was not a schmuck!

He once said that you was not too keen to be psychic in his life time as everybody would become instantly psychic at the moment of death. Well, he'll know now if that is true.

I imagine him soaring up there in those heights that he was instinctively drawn to, looking down on us with a mild chuckle.

We shall remember him with joy and happiness in our hearts, grateful for the fact that we were allowed to know him and be inspired by him.

Don Croft and Georg Ritschl with a friend of Dr. Kayiwa in Uganda 2003

When I first met him: joint trip to Uganda in 2003

Don's wife Carol is now saddled with a huge bill for emergency evacuation by helicopter and hospital costs and we all want to chip in to help her cope at least with this aspect of her tragical loss.
Carlos Silva, our Portuguese orgonista friend who was on the Mozambique gifting trip with us in 2009 has set up a GoFundMe Campaign that you can access here.

We have - in honour of Don - also created a special Don Croft Memorial HHG. The artwork was created by Friederike and will be coated with glossy resin. Half of the price of each Don Croft Memorial HHG will go directly to Carol Croft.

You can get it here

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