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Abundance is the new Normal

By Shopify API  •   12 minute read

May 29, 2012


Scarcity is not the normal state of affairs


A lot of us are under the impression that the world is steering towards some kind of cataclysmic "big bang". The intensification of warlike activities world wide and increasing signs of economic insecurity worldwide seems to suggest this. There is a feeling of rising tension everywhere. The bombing of Libya by NATO forces and subsequent destruction of it's functioning statehood and prospering economy by the NATO-sponsored and closely supported and coordinated jihadists (I hope you have by now fully understood that the empire creates it's own enemy the "islamic fundamentalist" in order to justify it's war of conquest aka "war on terror".

images of destruction

Libya after democracy arrived

 "Al Queida" should better be spelled Al CIA-da) doesn't bode well for other countries on the target list like Syria, Iran, the 2 Sudans, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Africa, Haiti, the "soft underbelly" of the former Soviet Union and many other regions where the "Military-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-financial cartel" is seeking to consolidate its grip on power.

The truly fascinating aspect of it that makes me go on and on posting alternative information on these events, is how unnoticed these major wars go by as far as the audiences in the Western Block countries are concerned. The depth of the deception is really staggering. That's because the cartel has managed to get such a firm grip on worldwide news and opinion forming that it really takes a lot of effort to stay informed of what's really going on. Other than previous wars this global one is packed in cotton wool.
We do not hear the cries of the tortured, dismembered victims of constant and systematic worldwide agression. We do not hear bellligerent slogans in the daily news.
No fanfares, no flags and yet the biggest military machine ever conceived rolls over country after country and flattens it completely, leaving a deadly legacy of depleted uranium with skyrocketing rates of deformed childbirths.
We are led to believe that the West is in Afghanistan to "protect Afghani women from oppressive Muslim fundamentalist rule".
We are led to believe that Libya had to be bombarded and and shot to pieces in order to protect "peaceful demonstrators" from their "mad dictator".
If the powers that be have their way, this will be repeated in Syria and possbly in Iran, unless Russia and China really sum up the courage to draw a line of resistance in the sand. And then what? All out nuclear war?
Russia and China preparing for WWIII
Russia and China preparing for WWIII
I am not sure in how far the Russian and Chinese leadership is in cahoots with this cabal, but there definitely seems to be a growing sentiment of "enough is enough" and a willingness to confront NATO expansionism. This may of course be part of a larger game plan to create "one world government" through all out WWIII and massive population reduction. I like to believe that while certainly  elements of the elite are in cahoots worldwide, the story is a bit more complex an there are indeed diverging agendas.
Definitely China as the emerging world power and Russia have their own national interests at heart.
Always we are led to believe that the West is there to protect people from their own ruthless leaders and uphold values of humanity, democracy and freedom. This is quite an achievement in mind control and way surpasses anything that Goebbels did in Nazi Germany.
The wars are not fought by huge armies marching in lockstep, but by an intelligent and deceptive mix of proxies, private contractors, technical specialists and covert agents.
This way the uninformed spectator cannot even see the hidden hand bringing all the mayhem to targeted regions.
The few openly visible soldiers of Western countries are rarely seen committing the atrocities, apart from a few slip -ups like recently in Afghanistan, but always in the role of restoring order. Also the goal has long ceased to be territorial conquest in the old sense.
That's become so politically incorrect it is left to very few countries who don't seem to care (like Israel) to openly pursue such objectives.
Often it is more important to the elite to regulate supply and demand of certain resources by entangling resource rich regions in protracted wars. Look at Angola that is now  a major producer of oil and has been kept off stream for more than 30 years while decimating half it's population.
Look at Libya that can produce a barrel of crude for about 1$ and used the rest of the more than100$ to uplift it's people and a ot of Africa.
Get used to the idea that the current factional fighting and descent into chaos is actually the wanted outcome, not a strategy gone wrong. You would only think that if you believed that NATO was bombing the country and sending their towelhheaded mercenaries with close combat support by Apache helicopters and long range artillery from their gunships in order to bring some kind of resemblance of Western "democracy".
Instead we have genocidal atrocities against black Libyans, 50,000 dead, torture and random extrajudicial killings as well as an ongoing civil war with a strong fraction of Gaddhafi loyalists still holding very large territories.
In fact, this is an important aspect of the story: The empire wants us to get used to extrajudicial killings as the OK thing to do.
Shooting "mad dictators" and "terrorists" like dogs is the new modus operandi and our moral outrage against this is being systematically numbed.
Of course it was always en vogue to declare one's aggression as defence but the new dimension here is to wage war and call it peace.
That's really a new quality.
But even those in the Western elites that claim to be well informed and cynically admit that the official propaganda is just that, (namely propaganda) will justify these actions because they believe them necessary for the survival of Western style civilisation in a perceived world of increasing scarcity. And here we get to the point: The perception of scarcity is the basis of all this.
None of us would accept this if we did not accept the 3 basic pillars of this manipulated world view:
  1. Money is scarce
  2. We are running out of energy
  3. There isn't enough food for a rising world population
Most people, no matter what their political orientation or whether they think of themselves as "green" or rather tend towards good old style industrial progress share these basic convictions. These assumptions are indeed totally fundamantal to the present worldwide discourse on our future. They are interlinked with other sub-narratives such as "The collapse of the Euro", "Global warming", "Overpopulation", "Future Wars will be over water", "clash of civilisations" and so on.
And all 3 of these basic assumptions that form the foundation of all public deliberations over our planetary future are totally wrong!
1. Money
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."  Thomas Jefferson
We human beings tend to produce more than we consume because we are intelligent and able to increase our productivity by a few percent every year. Industrial automation has enabled us to produce most goods at an amazing speed and with minimal requirement of hard manual labour. We can then decide what to do with our surplus production. Most likely we would exchange it with the surplus of some other goods that someone else has produced. The explosion in productivity was so strong in the 1950s and 60s that people were widely anticipating a society of leisure and contemplation for the immediate future. (That would have been now)
Why has this not happened? Why are people in the US and other "First World economies" taking on second jobs and still can't pay the bills when in the 50s one gainfully empoyed breadwinner had no problem supporting his whole family with ease?
What has happend to our dream of abundance and easy living? A rational financial system that serves the interest of the people would provide a means of exchange that organically grows with our ability to produce goods or services that other people want to exchange against what they have to offer. Instead we have a system that is based on debt, where all money is created out of thin air as a debt and has to be repaid at interest. This has introduced a systemic suction into the system that is constantly transferring wealth from those who produce real goods or services to those who have "somehow" gained the monopoly to create money out of thin air and then charge interest on it. Essentially a licensed pyramid scheme, this system is the only reason why we experience economic crises despite our rising ability to produce an abundance goods and services.
It's a breathtaking scheme and it is probably the most fundamental fraud commited on humankind.
If we correct this one, the other 2 will be relatively easy. A brilliant history of the financial tyranny has been compiled by David Wilcock here.
We need to change this and we can.
The first step would be to give the power to create money back to the people.
That is in their organised form as the nation state.
The one thing that should really be nationalised are the banks. All of them. The big ones (To Big To Fail) are only surviving on state bailouts now anyways. 
That is money that has been created out of absolute nonexistence by the privately owned Federal Reserve System and lent to the American taxpayer at interest in order to bail out the same banks that own the Federal Reserve system.
Isn't that all funny? Whether this money should be backed by gold or other assets, I cannot decide. Apparently the 2 world wars were mostly a cover for violently taking the bulk of the world's gold reserves out of circulation so as not to have any more competition for the debt based fiat currency system to come with Bretton Woods. Whenever someone was trying to create a gold backed currency in order to escape the extraction scheme of Bretton Woods, he got bombed or ousted. (see Gadhafi, Soekarno, Iran) But it should be brought into circulation without interest. See
2. Energy
We live in an ocean of abundant energy. There is nothing but energy. The perception of dense matter is an illusion. It does not matter if you call this omnipresent stuff out of which the illusion of matter is "made" orgone, ether, zero point or whatever. There is only energy and consciousness and maybe the 2 are essentially the same. So how can we be short of energy? We aren't of course. New processes of conversion, of tapping into the gigantic ceaseless swirl of vortices within vortices within vortices of energy can be devised based on the emerging new understanding of physics. Wilhelm Reich went a long way to start a new cosmology based on the observation that all energy moves in spiral vortices and that the same principles of motion apply to amoeba as to galaxies. If you are interested in the emerging scientific paradigm, I really recommed this book as it also connects Orgone Energy and of course Orgonite to this broader new understanding.
Wilhelm Reich - Cosmic superimposition
A must read
Countless discoveries of processes that seem to contradict our presently understood "laws of physics" have occured in the last 150-200 years but none of them were allowed into the public domain. However, "The race for zero point" is on and a critical mass of inventions to big to be ignored or continually supressed is in the process of being developped towards mass production. The proponents of "New Energy Technologies" have also become smarter and more aware of the forces they have to overcome.
The race to zero point
In case you haven't seen this, you should.
I think this movie is from the 90's and yet it still stands as an unfulfilled promise. Bookmark for later viewing in Youtube and view all 8 clips. It's worth it if you are not aware of what level of development in FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES we already had in the 90s. The one that seams easiest to realise on a massive scale is the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by means of vibrational resonance. (Hydrogen on demand) This process uses a lot less external energy input than the burning of the hydrogen can liberate. I am aware of several inventors worldwide that have successfully demonstrated such processes. Stan Meyer had a car based on a hydrogen on demand process that allowed him to traverse the entire United States with only water in the tank without any other source of energy and that was in the 1990s.
Stan meyers water car en route - only water needed to power it
Stanley Meyer's car en route across the USA - running on water only.
This was in the 1990s! There are many other processes that show promise, based on magnetism or straight tapping into the quantum fluctuation (moving orgone) via a plethora of electronic circuitry, arrangements of coils and whatever. But the hydrogen process is so close to breakout because it can re-utilise most of our existing technlogy. All our vehicles and motors which are based on internal combustion engines or heat for steam generation to produce electrical power can work with hydrogen. This could be scaled up to power the world as we know it within no more than 5 years while we are trying to understand those other, more exotic "free energy processes".
3. Food
Scarcity of food is probably one of humanity's primordial fears. Yapping for food and fearing that we can't get enough may even be hard wired into the reptilian core of our brain.
Combined with the other major paradigms of scarcity, where we have to use crude fossil or nuclear fuel burning technologies to create the energy we need to feed an ever accelerating circle of credit generation and debt repayment, we feel that there are too many of us and hence engage in genocidal fanatasies which may become very outspoken in the minds of exponents of the controlling elite ("culling of useless eaters", Kissinger et al.) or just a subconsciously held conviction "that there are too many of us".
This thought is widely shared amongst even the people who think of themselves as the "consiousness movement".
But are there? Someone has already made the case a few years ago that the whole present population of the world can be fed with intense organic agriculture (permaculture) on an area the size of half the US state of Texas.
Overpopulation myth
All 7 billion earthlings could comfortably live and be fed in the state of Texas and the rest of the planet would stay empty. 
So where is the problem then? Apart from that, we can easily reclaim deserts with orgonite.
Our Namibia expedition in 2004 has shown that and the subsequent greening of the Kalahari in Botswana and South Africa is pointing in the same direction.
So, with all reason for pollution and excessive use of resources gone, we could easily accommodate twice the number of present humans and still have pristine beaches and large areas of beautiful well managed garden like landscapes of intense organic agriculture, parks, forests and clean and alive rivers. With non-polluting transport and energy production we can look at a bright future on this verdant planet of abundance, especially once the pressure from the parasitic financial system is removed that presently forces us to produce ever mounting avalanches of toxic rubbish only to repay yesterdays imaginary debts.
abundance is our natural state
Abundance is our natural state
This future is ours for the taking.
All we have to do is understand that it's possible and then start building it right away.
Orgonite is just a small facet in this global turn around but an important one as it helps lift the fog of mind control and deception as well as counteracting the anti-life effects of the entropy based paradigm.
But it's time now to start building real freedom. Large parts of the "elite" (seen as the upper income strata with superior education and in relative positions of power and intellectual influence) are not necessarily evil, but just truly afraid of overpopulation, pollution and resource depletion.
Despite superiour access to information they have been brainwashed into this paradigm of fear. They have bought the story hook line and sinker.
Any paradigm shift starts as a thought, a new possibility embraced by a rising number of people. To convince large parts of the "upper crust" in the West that worldwide prosperity is possible and that clinging to control at all cost is not furthering their own interest is one of the avenues of change to pursue.
Freedom is possible!
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