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After the coup: What if Manto was right?

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

South Africa has just experienced a most amazing political Blitzkrieg, described by some as a communist palace revolution. The Zuma gang (without Zuma becoming president) has dethroned the Mbeki gang.

President Thabo Mbeki is now Ex-president Thabo Mbeki. Embattled health minsiter Dr. Manto Tshabalala - Msimang is health minister no more and all the proponents of the AIDS-orthodoxy are dancing on the table.

The unlikely alliance of pharmaceutical corporations and "leftist" campaigners for a massive rollout of antiretrovirals partying arm in arm with tears of joy and excitement in their eyes.

Years of character assassination of Manto and Mbeki have finally convinced a great majority of well meaning but uninformed South Africans that it was about time "lunatic Manto" was removed and recent eulogies of Thabo Mbeki normally say that he tainted his legacy as a "great statesman" with his "whacky" position on AIDS. (and of course his propping up of his old London Roommate from exile Robert Mugabe, the indestructible president of Zimbabwe with the special degree in violence)

My personal waking up to the fact that our lives are gouverned by totally different forces than we were taught to believe, was greatly accelerated by the famous AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa, in the year 2000.

President Thabo Mbeki had ignited a bombshell by inviting pronounced AIDS dissidents to discuss the merits of whether "HIV" causes "AIDS" etc. This was met by a vitriolic outcry of all those lobby groups who have vested interests in the official AIDS story. Most prominently the so called "Treatment Action Campaign", a group funded amongst other sources by the Kaiser group of companies, a conglomerate with huge interests in the US "healthcare" system, aluminium and (don't laugh here, ok) have been spearheading drinking water fluoridisation, because fluoride is a massive toxic waste product from aluminium production.

He went on record at some point, saying he wouldn't take those "life saving drugs" until the government would make them available for everyone. How noble. Probably that's the reason why he's still alive.

I was astonished about the hatred that was poured out over Thabo Mbeki who in my eyes had only asked very reasonable questions and done the wise and mature thing to let the proponents of different schools of thought state their case.

Mbeki convened a 10 member panel to investigate the origin and possible cure of this mysterious disease.

It was composed of proponents of the official (ever changing) WHO story and of course a good sprinkling of dissidents.

This panel was sabotaged by the medical establishment from the beginning.

It was already completely disfunctional when I had the chance to meet in person with the now late Dr. Sam Mhlongo. He died of a "car accident" (a popular way of deposing critics of the prevailing order in all countries) 2 years ago and was hastily buried without much notice in the news although he was quite a prominent figure when alive.

The biggest waking up was actally not what was said about AIDS, but the fact that a president was obviously powerless to call for a serious discussion of an obviously serious problem in his own country.

From that conference on, one would be able to reliably find at least 2 full under the beltline broadsides against Mbeki in the weekly "Mail and Guardian" the flagship rag of the self proclaimed lefty intellectuals in this country.

Other papers would be also joining the chorus, but often with less consequence and commitment.

Some even let a few disturbing facts slip through, for example that you need to have intercourse with an "infected person" 10 000 times in order to statistically transmit AIDS according to orthodox science. This makes it of course statistically irrelevant and unhinges the most important corner stone of the AIDS propaganda network: the alleged sexual transmission of AIDS.

to be continued...

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