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So, what if Manto was 100% right about AIDS?

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang, the embattled former health minister, had drawn a lot of the inspiration for her "controversial" opinions from the work of Tina v/d Maas.

Tina, about whom I have spoken earlier here (, is a trained nurse. She has been working in countless AIDS support groups when she came across the potentially disturbing information about the toxicity of those AIDS drugs called "Antiretrovirals" or ARVs that are so loudly promoted by a strange coalition of BIG PHARMA funded Aids activists, the orchestrated press and a plethora of interested parties, mainly from the assortment of NGOs who make a healthy living from pretending to care for the plight of AIDs victims.

The loudest voice in this strange coalition is the TAC (Treatment Action campaign) fronted by Zackie Achmat. From the beginning this organisation has been pushing for making available ARVs to all people being diagnosed with so called HIV/AIDS all arguments of dissent against the mainstream of AIDS science were dismissed by this group and their allies as potentially delaying the distribution of "life prolonging AIDS drugs".

Even if one wanted to suppose good will and an earnest interest in alleviating the suffering of those affected, how could scientific debate be stifled in the interest of only one solution with such obvious shortcomings?

But is there any merit to suggestive words as "life prolonging AIDS drugs"?

From all I know the opposite is true:

While Tina has established a rate of full recovery in more than 95%* of some 1000 cases that enrolled on her nutritional programme, the ARV programme shows a very different picture:

18% of all those enrolled at MEDUNSA (Medical University of South Africa) and stay there are dead after 6 months.

How come you haven't heard of Tina v/d Maas?

How come so many of even nice and well meaning people believe that Dr. Manto is a threat to humanity and a crackpot that can be vilified with impunity?

Well, this is how mind control works!

A lot has been written about AIDS but most people only know the official standpoint. I am not a scientist but a lot of what people like Duesberg ("Inventing the AIDS virus") say makes a lot of sense. The jury is of course still out whether the group of symptoms that constitute "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome"(a definition that has constantly changed over the decades since AIDS was officially "discovered" in the 1980s) is caused by functional malnutrition, by the unintentional erosion of the immune system through vaccination or by a covert genocidal programme administered through the WHO hepatitis B vaccination programmes, as suggested by Dr. Len Horowitz in his well researched book "Aids and Ebola- emerging viruses".

Surely, we should insist on having an open scientific debate as it was initiated by our ousted president Thabo Mbeki and sabotaged by the medical establishment ever since.

In the meantime, I revel in the knowledge that AIDS can be easily cured by Tina's easy nutritional cleaning and nutrition programme as well as in many cases by just using a simple zapper, proper food and clean water.

It is sad to see that millions of people in Africa are denied the chance of knowing about the simple truth that the prolific consumption of sugar and other "empty carbohydrates" such as white maize meal corrupts their immune system and on it's very own leads to all the symptoms of so called AIDS.

The only criticism that I have of Dr Manto Tshabalala Msimang is that she did not move more decisively to get the truth out and implement a programme that could by know have prevented tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and restored hundred of thousands to perfect health.

The true tragedy of Manto is that she got bashed for something she's never done because she wasn't able to.

If only "Dr. Beetroot" had put everybody who needs it on a programme of Lemon, garlic and olive oil...

If she had only made Tina a director general in the depertnmenbt of health, responsible for health edication and nutritional intervention....

But of course I am too harsh on her a she had a gun to her head as everyone would who dares to allow some truth in however minute quantities to infiltrate government work.

Manto is a hero!

*90% of those cases who could not sit up, or eat unassisted, 95% of those who could sit up but not stand or walk and 99% of those who could at least walk on crutches made a full recovery.

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