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Some more thought on the present "financial meltdown"

By Shopify API  •   6 minute read

Oct 24, 2008

We are like prisoners who notice that their jailers are in terrible commotion and confusion.Our first response is fear: maybe they will not deliver soup for our lunch, maybe our small privileges we slowly accumulated will be gone.

But have no regrets, no doubts, no fears -- we are on the way to freedom:The walls will fall, the jailers will run away, and we shall be set free!

Says Israel Shamir at

The meltdown continues, but what’s melting?

The meltdown of the corporate mega-parasite continues at full speed. Even mainstream sources are now speaking about the end of paper money. We have been talking of this for a long time and notice with great satisfaction that the general population is staying relatively calm despite the great fear - based propaganda effort, trying to evoke pictures of the great depression of 1929 etc.

What’s the difference between now and 1929?

In 1929 people still had assets. In fact they owned dollars that were at least still nominally linked to gold.

Today most ordinary people except for some banksters, who are now sweating because their bonuses may fall away, are in debt.

Over their heads mostly.

So most ordinary folks can only benefit from a breakdown of the debt based fake money system. Such breakdowns are nothing new. In Germany we have been through similar events twice in the 20th century. Once in the Hyperinflation of the 1920s and once after 1945. In both cases debt was annihilated but physical assets kept their intrinsic value.

Those of you who are not familiar with the workings of this system should read up “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. E. Griffin and “The Federal Reserve System” by Eustace Mullins. Also “Money” by James E. Ewart is a very nice book on the subject of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated.

Basically our so called money is not backed by anything but the state sponsored threat of violence if you are trying to use something else as a means of exchange. That monopoly of the worthless paper money is entrenched in all countries as so called “legal tender laws”.

The mostly privately owned central banks (certainly the Federal Reserve is as is our South African Reserve Bank) can create money out of nothing and get interest for it.

Normal commercial banks also have the license from their respective reserve bank to create money out of nothing.

All money is created in the form of credit (meaning debt) and has to be repaid at interest. This alone creates the necessity for inflation and constant “economic growth”, or growth of the total sum of money floating around. This is why the corporate mega-parasite has to devour all earth and what is on her, no matter what the consequences. In that way he behaves like a Candida fungus in your intestines. It’s in his nature off course, so we should not get too excited. After all we’ve been feeding that macro-parasite with our greed. We should just get savvy about killing the parasite as we have gotten with our body parasites that can be easily killed with a zapper and some wholesome herbs. Of course some diet (habit) changes are also necessary.

So, when the FED creates “40 Billion Dollar” for Bush’s latest war game or whatever, they get 40 Billion dollar worth of debt notes from the US government in return (payable by the taxpayer). The idea in this abstract numbers game is that the sum of taxpayers, their protracted ability to work and be taxed and the state’s ability to enforce these taxes by threat of violence is the “collateral” that backs up the value of these imaginary “dollars”.

Please note, that a constitutional US-Dollar is a measure of weight, namely 23.2 grains of pure 24 ct gold. (480 grains are one troy ounce)

The fact that most money is created in financing “real assets” has lead to relative stability of this paper money over the last 60 years. But of course, as the parasite needs to either grow or face death, has reached certain limits. A lot of “credit” is created without underlying real assets such as overdrafts, credit card debt and the trillions of dollars lent to corrupt 3rd world governments. (Banksters love loaning 100 billion to a 3rd world government that will never repay, because it allows them to create a lot of new money as long as they are allowed to book that loan as an “asset” in their balance sheet) All these flaws are of course systemic and do not happen by mistake.

The parasite needs to grow!

The money business is at the heart of the parasitic “new world order” (Don calls it “New World Odor”) of course, together with the petro-chemical-medical-pharmaceutical complex. The overgrown state apparati with their military and secret services are the threat of violence that keeps the monster in place, together with the orchestrated media circus, owned by 3 or 4 families world wide.

So in fact it’s all pretty simple, like a life threatening parasite invasion in your body. The simplicity does not make it one bit less dramatic of course.

We live in interesting times.

Killing the parasite

Killing the parasite as we do with a zapper in our bodies, may lead to a temporary feeling of dizziness, but it is the necessary first step before healing can even be talked about. After all, when the parasite dies, a lot of debris is released into the blood stream.

The wide spread application of orgonite in most Western countries (now rapidly spreading into the former East Block) has probably already created an energetic situation not very conducive to the parasite’s continued hold over mankind.

We have found again and again that the mental effects of strong positive orgone fields lead to an increased ability to “let go”, to disengage from fruitless conflict and to start finding positive cooperation with one’s fellow humans more possible and desirable.

Of course we do not know if what we presently see happening world wide is already the final convulsion of the mega parasite. Maybe they still fix him up one more time, at the expense of the tax payer.

I am not omniscient, but there is a smell in the air, the smell of freedom.

So, don’t be afraid, we don’t need the prison wardens to give us soup, we can take over the kitchen ourselves and obviously we can venture outside the prison walls and create our own lives.

What a wonderful world!

In the meantime I recommend you max out all possible credit you can get and buy useful things with that fake money, as long as it still buys something.

Such as orgonite, land, real estate, gold, anything of lasting value, even if you crave for it, that flashy new car... Governments and central banks are “pouring liquidity into the markets” , which means they create much new fake money in order to stop the gaping holes in the system which will lead to hyperinflation sooner or later. At the same time the cost of debt will go down, as they desperately lower interest rate to pump “money” into the system.

The parasite cancels itself out.

Start growing some of your own food. It’s fun and tastes great and is very healthy, especially if you have lots of orgonite in the garden and of course only if you grow it organically.

After all there might be disruptions until a new way of exchanging goods has established itself, but I don’t expect them to be too drastic.


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