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"Obama Mania" – are they going to do a Kennedy on him?

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

I meant to write this much earlier, when the wave of euphoria over Obama's election was still fresh. Surely politics is mostly symbolic, so the election of a "black" man (whatever his lilly white upbringing) has a symbolic value for African Americans and Africans in general. Here in South Africa it created quite a stir. The day after the election I spent some time in the sauna of my gym, talking to a black business man who was so excited he had not slept the whole night while results were pouring in. Also an almost 80% voter turnout is a significant difference from the previous decades when hardly 50% of Americans went to cast their vote.

Our real fear is that this build up of hope is going to be used in a cruel mind control ploy. Remember how trauma based mind control works?

Let them build up hope and then traumatise them thoroughly! Shoot the guy in front of running cameras and blame it on whoever you want to point out as the next big enemy. Maybe an "Iranian" terrorist?

The FEDs and related dirty agencies haven't been able to pull off a major stunt to instill fear on a global scale for a long time, basically nothing really major that sticks in the minds of people since 9-11.

Too many people now already know that 9-11 was an inside job and even the tsunami in Indonesia was not what it seemed to be. (A lot of evidence points to a themonuclear device that was exploded in that critical geological fault line.

So it would have to look very authentic!

Of course we are working to deactivate this evil plot on the etheric level and all of you can help by orgonising centres of decision making, polital, military and secret services including the various satanistic covens you may be aware of in your region. All this helps to create a different future from what is envisaged for us by our wanna be overlords.

Let's assume the plot fails and Obama stays alive.

Be assured there will be no major change in the illuminati agenda for now, until it finally collapses.

Whatever Obama himself may profess to stand for, ( there is this vague notion of change) he's already loaded his shadow cabinet with enough well know New World Order personel to dispell any doubt about the ongoing quest for global control and corporate fascism.

Or have you forgotten who Zbigniew Brzezinski is?

He's the man that created the Taliban to destabilise the then Soviet Union, a CIA and Saudi- funded operation that grew into what is now called "Al Queida", more aptly named "Al CIA-da".

A funny world in which we live, where successful healers are prosecuted and medical genocide continues unabated. Expect Obama's most prominent pro-African policy line to be the accelerated roll out of deadly "antiretrovirals" while continuing to obscure and sabotage the knowledge about simple good nutrition in Africa.

Guys, we have work to do!


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