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Another dam "sabotaged" with orgonite

By Shopify API  •   6 minute read

Since our somewhat traumatic experience of imprisonment in Mozambique I've been wallowing in a "soft depression" for a while. Congrats to the evil forces! If their goal was to slow us down in our orgone-ite (formerly called orgonite) gifting spree here in Africa, they scored a goal or two. But did they win the tournament?
I don't think so!
Firstly the result of our trip and the successful orgone gifting of Lake Cahora Bassa has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of the rainfall it has unlocked in the whole region.
another dam
Another dam wall "sabotaged" with orgone gifts: Haartebespoort Dam West of Pretoria
Some of our psychically gifted friends even found that our imprisonment as a "labour of love" has unleashed even greater healing forces in the region than an outwardly successful and "smooth as planned expedition" could have done. I am not prone to much mystical speculation and still believe in the value of good old solid orgone-ite gifting in order to turn whole regions from places of misery and decay into paradisical gardens.
So we want to be back in Northern Mozambique and finish what we started sooner or later.
All these projects are not forgotten.
But in the meantime it may be wise to focus on our home turf and do a lot more work in South Africa. After all, our main push in gifting South Africa has been in the years 2002-2005, thereafter we have ventured out more and more into African countries, trying to expand the cover of positive energy over the whole region.
Of course we can say that chemtrails and excessive HAARP modulations have basically vanished from South African skies and that rains have been quite good with very few pockets of drought remaining. That's despite however hard the other side may be working on creating these "climate change" conditions in support of the fraudulent "global warming" agenda.
(more global control is of course the main objective there, apart from the anticipated boom of trading in "carbon rights" derivatives)
The South African weather service has acknowledged that general rainfall in the Eastern parts of the country has increased while in the western part there have been parts suffering from drought like conditions.
Let it be known that the EASTERN part is the one we gifted most thoroughly and that we were only able to close an important gap on the West Coast of South Africa in March / April this year. so the impact of this change on the rainfall statistics is still to be seen.
We take all drought scenarios in our adopted region as a personal affront by the way and feel challeneged to do something about it. We really take it personal!
Haartebespoort Dam is one of the 2 major water reservoirs for Gauteng Province, the economic engine of South Africa with Pretoria and Johannesburg as it's two majo cities that have grown together into one major metropolita area. We had plopped a few gifts in there with my first boat before taking it to the Zambezi in Zambia in 2006, but obviously not enough.
Orgonite warrior Friederike
Friederike makes a funny face as we steer towards the dam
The boat was finally repaired from all the damage suffered during our Mozambican adventure and had to be taken for a spin in order to run in the new pistons. So Haartbespoort dam was a natural choice as we are aware that it's heavily polluted and and infested with algae and water hyacinths. Another factor that makes it an attractive target is the closeness to the nuclear research facility at Pelindaba, the place where South africa built it's first nuclear bombs and is now doing research for the pebble bed reactor they are so keen to build.
In flagranti: Orgonite Warrior Georg throws orgonite
In flagranti: putting the orgonite were it belongs!
will orgonite get rid of invasive water hyacynths?
In the background Pelindaba nuclear research facility
I am not sure if the orgone-ite will do something about the infestation with the invasive water hyacinths that are clogging up so many African waters these days. After all it doesn't help against mosquitoes either. But surely, gifting such a large water body so close to a nuclear facilty will have an impact.
I did drop more than 30 TBs on the terrain of Pelindaba in 2003 btw, when it was much less protected and secured than it is nowadays.
Then they were not yet sure what to do with it, after South Africa had officially reliquished it's nuclear weapons aspirations. so they wanted to turn it into a "hatchery" business park for innovative new ventures nurtured by the government.
I think now with the global warming scam lending renewed "carbon credibility" to big nukes, they are very busy preparing for a nuclear future here in South Africa.
Another reason why they love nukes so much is the financial investment volume they call for. The banksters just love to create billions of dollars worth of new debt instruments, (money out of thin air for which they can charge interest) especially if they are guaranteed by a relatively solvent government like South Africa.
Oh, all the money that can be made by creating this debt and then trading it down the bankster feeding chain.
Millions of people producing their own free energy would of course only spoil that fiesta which is why it's not happening, not because of technical limitations.
pelindaba nuclear research facility: In need of some orgonite!
Zoom onto Pelindaba: In need of orgone-ite
Nuclear energy generation is DOR (Deadly Orgone eneRgy) par excellence. It doesn't go much more DOR than that. Maybe "Hot Fusion" is worse but that process has not yet been mastered as we all know. We believe that all the cancer and genetic mutation observed around commercial nukes is due to the massive DOR cloud hanging over these sites of accelerated entropy. Just like with the cellphone towers, it's not the electromagnetic aspect of the emissions that makes us sick. It's the etheric. That's why every nuke needs to be ringfenced with lots of Orgone-ite and earthpiped as well.
Someone told us of a guy in Ausralia who publicly stated that a nuclear reaction cannot take place in a strong positive orgone field. Soon after making this information public he was visted by four men in dark suits who told him to shut up.
That was before the grass roots orgone-ite movement became so wide spread and the knowledge of orgone energy so common that it's now impossible for the darksiders to remove this information from the public realm with such crude measures.
Instead, they have now taken to infiltration and "spin" whereby "false gurus" are planted into the interested community, seemingly promoting the good cause but in fact detracting from the empowering simplicity of basic orgone-ite gifting.
Do not trust anybody who makes orgone gifting sound difficult, OK?
Making orgonite is simple, everbody can do it and everybody can gift their environment with great effect without any esoteric or scientific knowledge whatsoever.
Never forget that!
That's the first layer of discernment you need to use when evaluating information on the subject.
HAARP soup dissolving after Orgonite Warriors struck
HAARPy sky clearing up after the orgone deed is done
When we drove out the sky had looked a bit soupy, indistinct and "flat" which is typical fo lots of electromagnetic interference. MAssive orgone gifting reglarly opens up such soupy and flat skies, first "exposing" the electromagnetic ripples before it starts forming into distict and well articulated clouds, mostly cumulus.
orgone rich sky after busting Haartebespoort dam
That's how an orgone charged sky looks like in rain mode
This is how an orgone rich sky looks like in the build up for rain. I love it! You will learn to notice the difference as you start having your own gifting experiences.
150 orgonite tower buster gifted to Haartebeespoort dam in Gauteng
The damage done: Haarties after the "sabotage
The deed is done: approximately 150 TBs along the border and through the middle. Let's see if the lake can recover now.
orgonite distributed all over Southern Africa
Southern Africa busted - orgone gifts are blue dots, cloud busters little flags
That's the status quo of our orgone gifting effort so far. Next year we will adress minow gaps in South Africa and Botswana and look after "special places" closer to home. If an opportunity for a long distance expedition arises, we will of course take it.
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