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Are you confused?

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

I could imagine that a new reader might be totally confused by what this is all about. Maybe I'm underestimating your intelligence though.

Basically this is about changing the world, re-energising it and creating a lively positive orgone field in which positive initiatives thrive and those directed at control and oppression shrivel.

The implications and levels of change are manifold but the empowering truth is simple:


It just needs a bit of simple orgonite to transform the death force transmitters in your neighbourhood into benevolent life enhancing orgone transmitters. It's simple. You can make them yourself or you can buy them from us (We like that, but you don't have to of course)

If you've just stumbled over this blog and it's all total mumbo jumbo to you, I suggest you start reading here:

What we do here does not require special esoteric initiations and we are not Gurus of any kind.

If you read more you will find that we are just part of a worldwide network of people who have started to work for positive change. And what's even more exciting: We see results!

That's why I publish my expedition reports here, because in their totality they represent the "body of evidence" that what we are saying is actually true and change is happening.

The latest report is presently on my older website under the title "All that water - Part II"

Also don't get too confused by the two websites thing: is the older, established site. We have transferred all the articles of that site to the new one in parallel I'm building a German speaking sister site under

The old site will have to be up for a while because it contains our shop and that's our life blood of course. The monment we have our new shop up and running under these two ne domain names, the old site will be scrapped and all traffic will be automatically forwarded to the new site.

I hope we can accomplish that in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, be aware that in order to check out our products and their individual descriptions, you have to visit

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