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Prisoners of Orgone

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Since Georgs last post one month and a week have passed. The " slow but safe" journey on the public ferry turned out to be a trap.The four friends were arrested by Mozambiquan police on April 21.  and  locked up in jail in Songo, the town close to the Hydroelectrica Cahorra Bassa. The reason: suspicion of trying to sabotage the dam with a "corrosive"substance, that the four allegedly poured into the turbines.Obviously the "corrosive" substance is our Orgonite and the claims of the police are totaly unfounded. But you can´t argue with logic in this case.  It has been a big story in Mozambique and worldwide and there are forces behind it, that make it unpredictable. The conditions in the jail in Songo, as well as in Civil Prison  Tete, to where the four were transferred to two weeks ago, are beyond description.  There is one cell of 35 sqm for 79 prisoners and the hygienic conditions are just appalling.  If they wouldn´t get extra food from their lawyer, they would hardly survive. They struggle to stay healthy and how long they can last under theese conditions i don´t know.The judicial process is incredibly slow,   the prosecution had 30 days to prepare, but even now the official charges are not on the table. It is not at all clear, how long that nightmare is going to last. If the case goes to trial, it can be years.You can imagine, that we need your help more than ever before. The cost for legal support and traveling to Tete( 2000 km from Johannesburg)  is rising.Please help us to get Georg, Tino, Carlos and Prophet out of there by buying our products or making donations on the website .Your help is much appreciated.Friederike Ritschl 

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